Items Worth the Splurge

HAAAAAYYYY IT’S THE MOOOOOOST WONDERFUL TIMEEEEE of the year. I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. Doesn’t everyone? The other day, I was gleefully walking into Target to check out the cute “One Spot” seasonal items (as one does,) when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the door and randomly thought of how long I’ve had my purse. Seriously SO long. I think like 4-5 years now? It was definitely an investment when I got it (well, my husband bought it for Christmas) but it has obviously been worth the splurge and then some.

SO as a self proclaimed cheap skate, it had me pondering the other things I have spent decent money on and have turned out to be worth every penny. Sometimes in life you really do get what you pay for. And since we’re approaching the most intense shopping season of the year… I thought I would share this invaluable knowledge. 😉

Items Worth the Splurge

1.) Handbags/Wallets

Items Worth the Splurge

There was a long period of time where I was a “purse person.” Then, for few years I was more of a “diaper bag person” for obvious reasons. ha! But I used to buy every Target purse I liked and I would switch them out often.

Now, occasionally I’ll still snag a bag I really like from Target or the mall. But WAY back when I worked for Wells Fargo I used my bonus to purchase my first full price Coach purse. I didn’t search for the cutest one in the outlet store… I marched right on in to Dillard’s and bought the exact one I wanted. A.) It feels good to reward yourself for hard work. B.) I still have that purse nearly 8 years later. And I don’t mean that I kept it for sentimental reasons. It has been worth the couple hundred I spent on it. I don’t have any Target purses that have withstood the use that my higher end purses have.

My wallet is also YEARS old. And it has completely maintained its quality. The little leather tab they put on the zipper is damaged, but that’s from Grey chewing on it when he was a wittle baby. They’re not exactly designed to be chew toys… so I won’t hold it against Coach. 😉

But so far, I’d venture to say that considering the years that I can use the same designer purse, I’d probably have ended up spending more money buying like ten of the cheaper ones.

Disclaimer: My purse is filthy. I did not even wipe it off for this photo, which I probably should have because those black scuff marks literally wipe right off. Truly, I am amazed that it is still in such good condition.

2.) Eyeshadow Palettes

Items Worth the Splurge


As a beauty lover, I can appreciate makeup from all over the price spectrum. For most high end blushes, highlighters, and even foundations there is a pretty comparable drugstore option. I can honestly say that (in my opinion) high end eyeshadow palettes are unmatched in the drugstore. (If you can think of an excellent drugstore palette that might make me change my mind… please do let me know!)

But for now… I honestly hardly ever use drug store brand eyeshadow products. I have some ColourPop shadows that I really love and that’s all that comes to mind.

3.) Sunglasses

This one I expect some backlash on. I’m okay with it. As a mom of three… I know some of you are shaking your head at me. Children break sunglasses with ease. My daughter has broken a pair of Ray Bans that I just can’t throw away because they were so expensive. BUT my current pair of Oakleys are 3 or 4 years old now.

I just can’t stand the way cheap sunglasses impair my vision. They are literally like putting tinted plastic over your eyes. They don’t just keep the sun out of my eyes… they keep the vision out of my eyes. And I just cannot deal with it.

It might be a Florida thing. But it’s thing I’m bringing with me to Colorado. Polarized sunglasses are worth the extra cash every time. It just takes some extra effort to keep them away from the kiddos.

4.) Shoes

Items Worth the Splurge


Honestly, this one is a newly learned lesson for me. In my past life I lived in Florida. A land where pretty sandals are acceptable for the office, the fancy dinner, the beach… pretty much anywhere. Cheap sandals are perfectly fine. NOW I live in Colorado and have to actually wear real shoes.

I have a shoe rack full of cute booties and work flats from Kohls and Target that HURT. I make it work because I get to sit most of the day at work. But it sucks. And I have learned the (sad) lesson that I will no longer buy the $20 boots at the store. So now I’m anxiously awaiting these Black Friday deals where I can score some decent booties (saving for them in advance!)

Learn from my lessons, friends. Your feet will thank you.

5.) Furniture

This one is not so much in the personal care category like the others but still a lesson I learned the hard way. Very rarely does my cheap furniture last. Every cheap Craigslist couch has been a regret. ha! Well, actually I did score a decent couch on there for my first apartment WAY back. But that was certainly an outlier.

When we finally get around to buying our Colorado house I intend to make some serious investments when it comes to furniture. But I’m hoping they’ll last for like…ever. It’s proven to definitely be one of the things worth the investment.

6.) Jeans

Items Worth the SplurgeLike, have you ever thought about how much of your life takes place in a pair of jeans? It’s almost kind of weird if you think about it. haha. But I seriously can’t think of a pair of cheap jeans that truly love. And considering I wear jeans 5/7 days a week…it’s kinda important that I like them!

I’m newly obsessed with Lucky Brand Jeans. (See them in action in this post.) Now, they are definitely not normally in my price range. I legit would never drop $100 on denim. Well, unless my financial circumstance changes extraordinarily in the future… #notlikely. But they have them for like $35 at Marshalls all the time! And I looooove them. They’re super soft, I almost feel like I’m wearing leggings when I wear them.

American Eagle jeans are a close second favorite. Previous favorite since I was about 15. No joke. And my body is nothing like it was in high school. They just have SO many different cuts, styles, colors, you name it AE’s got you. Also their whole “real” campaign is just a game changer. Just take my money, AE.

That’s all I’ve got for you! What do you think? What do you invest in as opposed to budget shopping? If I’m being real I enjoy ALL kinds of shopping – from Goodwill to Nordstrom, but I’m always on the hunt for quality items at the best price I can get them. Sometimes, the quality just makes an item worth the splurge – it just does.


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