Bucket List a lá 2018

So, we are like already winding down the first month of 2018. We’re basically 1/12th of the way through the year already! SAY WHAT. And since I don’t really do resolutions, or “words of the year” (not formally anyway,) I should really get together some sort of game plan for 2018. Because, there are things that I want to do with this here life! Last year was NOT my favorite. Which feels weird to say considering I looooove Colorado and I enjoyed all of the first year milestones with Baby Grey. But pretty much everrrrrything else – no bueno. So in the spirit of making 2018 a better year I’ve put together my thought into a Bucket List of sorts – Bucket List a lá 2018. 🙂

They say if you set the bar high you are likely to achieve it. Or something. So we’ll go with that. Looking back at 2017 makes me feel like I have to make this year EXTRA good just to make up for having such a disappointing year last year. And I think I can, I think I can.

First things first…

1.) Leave the Country

I seriously love to travel. I still really want to move to Europe one day. But in 2016 I was pregnant so we settled for domestic travel (resulting in our move to Denver) and in 2017 I was – well, broke. Denver is astronomically more expensive than Florida, and I just didn’t have the funds for travel abroad. We’re also like FOUR EXTRA AIRPLANE HOURS from Europe than we were when we lived in the south – which isn’t exciting at all. haha. BUT all the closer to Asia. 😉

Prior to the past two years, we had made a goal to travel outside of the US at least once a year. We need to get back on track. I think I’d like to bring. the kiddos this time too. We’ll have to see. 🙂

2018 Bucket List

2. Read More Books

I was once an avid reader. Like I would read a whole book in a night. BUT babies are exhausting and I while I was in college I didn’t have time to read anything but textbooks (I secretly miss this all the time – I know, I’m sick.) And honestly, at the end of a long day with three kids just popping on an episode of Grey’s of HIMYM sounds way easier on my cracked egg brain. But I’m definitely making it a goal to get back to reading.

So far, I’ve been alternating between classic books and fictional contemporary reads. My goal, more specifically, is to familiarize myself with timeless classics and culturally significant books. I’ve read many (thanks AP English classes in high school) but I pretty much hated them, as one does with boring novels they’re assigned. So far I’ve read Animal Farm and 1984 (both by George Orwell.) And while I understand their significance… they get a little boring. So I’ve been alternating reading “fun” books between them. (Or at the same time.)


2018 Bucket List

If you have any good suggestions… throw them my way! Or should I make a whole post about what I plan to read…hmm?

3. Make Important Life Decisions

Namely, apply to law school or get a grown up job.

2018 Bucket List2018 Bucket List2018 Bucket List

I keep delaying being a grown up person. I mean, I mom, and that makes me a grown up. But I’ve been putting off establishing myself outside of the mom role since graduating college. I always have law school in my mind… but I don’t know if I’m up for the financial commitment. Or sometimes I just consider getting a masters. See… I don’t know! Do people ever just know KNOW what they want to do for the rest of their lives??

I’m not there yet. But this year. I need to make some decisions. I’m pretty sure all of my letters of recommendation “expire” for law school this year too. Thirty is coming up quick, and that feels like some type of deadline in my mind.

4. Buy a House

That’s right. I’m ready to feel like my kids have a permanent space again. Renting is so not for me. I miss my house dearly. Also…now that we’re renting a townhome… my garage. Good grief, who knew I would miss my garage so much?! For winter and packing the babes up in the car in the morning… it’s significant. Also, for obnoxious storage.

2018 Bucket List
2018 Bucket List

5. Colorado Harder

We moved to Colorado because, well, because it’s awesome. That’s why everyone is moving here. And there is so. much. to. do. here. But this far, we haven’t done much beyond hiking. Mostly because I was pregnant and then we had a newborn. Newborns aren’t much for extreme sports like white water rafting or camping in the mountains. But we’re definitely not experiencing this totally amazing state we live in to the fullest. So I’m vowing to work on that.

2018 Bucket List

So those are some of the goals that I’ve settled on for 2018. Some personal, some professional, and some family. All the good stuff. It’s going to be a good year, I know it!! I’d love to know what you’ve got planned for this year in the comments! 😀

2018 Bucket List



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