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Blanket Scarves + Birthdays

Yes, fellow bloggers. I’m here to bombard you with another post about the illustrious blanket scarf. The fall fashion staple we all loooove. I mean, whats not to love? They come in every color and pattern you could you possibly desire, they’re relatively inexpensive, and they’re surprisingly functional. Mine was pretty warm.

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves and Birthdays

To be fair, this is my first non pregnant, adult style fall. Florida was WAY too hot for a damn blanket scarf. Although, the girls do try. When temps reach the low 70s we’d bust out our scarves and Ugg boots and melt our souls because well… #fallfashion. So glad those days are behind me. 😉

Another reason that I love fall so so much is because ALL THREE of my babes have their birthdays! That’s right, less than 25 days out of 365 hold all three of my kiddos birthdays. lol. I didn’t plan it…because I didn’t plan them. HA! But it’s worked out fine, I only had to throw one family birthday party back home.

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves

I simply cannot believe that Jace will be SEVEN. Like what?? How on earth do I have a child that old? And he’s all like… independent now and what not. Which is really nice while like dining in restaurants and I don’t know like walking places without having to worry about him becoming dangerously distracted by a dandelion in the middle of the road. BUT all things practical and safety related aside… it hurts my momma heart! My babies just keep on growing.

Zoey will be five. Each new digit just blows my mind every year. Five has never sounded so old. And then my last and final baby will be ONE. My newborn days are officially gone forever. And it’s the weirdest feeling.

But he also still has not one single time ever slept through the night; so if I’m being honest that’s helping console me a bit. 😉

Blanket Scarves

Not sleeping through the night a single time in around 18 months is some special kind of torture friends.

The weather is so hit or miss here during the fall. One day at the beginning of the month we had inches of snow already, and it’s been 80 degrees like four times since then! I pretty much love it. Sunny and 65 degrees is my absolute favorite though. And we get ALOT of days like that. ALLLLL the heart eye emojis. 

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves and Birthdays

Blanket Scarves

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that booties are like my favorite foot attire of all time. And now I actually get to wear them, daily if I wanted to! Also, I own far too many jackets to justify having spent the last 13 years in the south. Pretty pumped that I get to use all of them more than once a year now too.

This one is a thrift store find, but it’s originally from Billabong. I totally love the camel color, it matches everything. Like literally everything. And by the time the sun went down and it cooled off, it was surprisingly warm.

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves

My scarf is from Target last year, but I totally linked some way cheaper ones in the widget at the bottom. (Some are seriously like $7!!! Blanket scarves for everyone!!)

I know you’re totally surprised to see me rock even more distressed denim. 😉 It’s my favorite. These are the American Eagle Tom Girl jeans and someone asks me what they are every time I post them. But I’ll have to put them away once the actual cold weather comes, so let’s just appreciate it while we can shall we?

The booties are real old and from Target (also shocking.) I always smile when I wear them because I brought them with on our trip to Germany and I always think about it when I wear them. Funny, how memories work.

You can see my posts from Germany and Austria here:

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Anywho… This shirt is from Aeropostale and honestly don’t love it. But I couldn’t find another clean white tee that day. lol. Wearing white when you have thee kids is short lived. Another perk of the blanket scarf; protects the shirt underneath it. 😉

But if you follow my Instagram (you should 😉 ) then you know that I am thoroughly enjoying fall. It’s my absolute favorite.

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves

^Not a particularly flattering photo. But totally accurate in regards to how I was feeling. #FallLover

Happy October, friends! <3



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  • Ebony-Rose Vienna

    Love this outfit! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a blanket scarf! X

    Ebony-Rose ||

  • The scarf is so cute. Perfect accessory for fall!

  • TheJerseyMomma

    I just bought a blanket scarf and it’s my new favorite thing. P.S. I think the last pic is very flattering!!

  • Twin Pickle

    I am a self confessed scarf addict! Which is a problem because I live in Arizona where you never actually need a scarf. Still, I get about two months where its not completely ridiculous… keeping my eye on this one!

  • Aren’t blanket scarves the best? I love how versatile they are. Love this on you! Also, happy birthday to all your kiddos!

  • Charissa | thenotsobusymom

    I’m loving this look! I have been on the hunt for the perfect blanket scarf!! 🙂

  • I love a good blanket scarf! They really are the perfect accessory for moms!

  • Blanket scarves are the best in the fall/winter. I live in Wisconsin so we get brutal winters and the blanket scarves is another way to stay warm.

  • Corey Wheeland

    I love blanket scarves in the fall – they’re so warm and cozy 🙂

  • Justine Y

    I love the bright colors of this scarf! And I’m with you, give me all the chilly fall weather and cute fall layers!

  • Nicole Kamai Couchman

    I love this blanket scarf!! It is finally getting cold enough where I live to wear these outfits and booties!!

  • Amanda Maxwell

    Blanket scarves are on my list of must-haves. I love the colors of this one.

  • TheKeeleDeal

    I love the colors of your blanket scarf, it’s so fun. That’s awesome your kids birthdays are so close. What a fun month of birthdays!

  • Rachel Loza

    So, admittedly, I’m a blanket scarf novice. I have NO idea how to wear mine but I’m going to give this whole thing another shot 😉

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