18 Summers

We’re back to school ’round these parts! I know that I have been MIA on the blog for the past few weeks… (ahem, months) but I’ve been just doing life and soaking up the awesome weather with my kiddos.

18 summers seems like a lot at first. 18 years is kind of a long time. But ask any empty nester… it’s really not long at all when it comes to your children. Especially when you think about how much a child changes in one year. I’m already down to only 12 with Jace. It seems all the more real after finishing his first year of kindergarten because summers really are all we have left.

I am not a Type A-er, I don’t love schedules and lists. The structure of the school year totally bogs me down. I hate not being able to do what I want when I want with my kids. I love summer for the simple fact that the strict schedule is eliminated.

Jace however, thrives on structure. He’s lost without it; making him a total basket case all summer long as we struggle to balance this difference between us. And I thought I’d never say it… but I was half glad when his first day of first grade rolled around. I don’t get it… going with the flow is my jam. But not Jace. He needs to know the plan, have time to process and mentally prepare for the plan, and the proper amount of time to execute said plan.

Yes… all the praise hands for school!


Miss Zoey started preschool this year too! Two weeks ago. She loves. But I basically just sit around all day and miss her. It’s so weird having just baby Grey at home. This is the first time since I was 22 that I’ve had more arms than I do babies for most of the day! And I can’t decide if I want to cry or throw a party? Motherhood is so weird.

She also has full day preschool, whereas Jace only had half day VPK in Florida. It feels like so much all of a sudden. But so far she is super pumped to have school like her big brother.

We’re also winding down our first seasonal summer here in Colorado. This place seriously has the best weather. But honestly, the heat is all too familiar after 13 straight years of it and I’m SO READY for another REAL fall. Like, I actually feel a little giddy when I think about it. October is my favorite.


we’re moving again!

I know, gross. But ya know, #renterlife (insert eye roll emoji.) I miss owning my house so damn much. We’re not leaving Denver or anything… not really even moving out of the same neighborhood. But we’re gonna move into a smaller house because the housing market here is borderline criminal, it’s so damn expensive! And I hate putting out so much money each month to pay someone else’s mortgage (and then some.)

And honestly, now that the 2 bigger kids are gone most of the day, I don’t feel like we need a micro mansion. I’d rather save the money. How grown up of me. 😉

The kiddos are loving school so far. Zoey’s teacher is from Illinois too, quite close to where I’m from. The world is a village, friends. 

Grey is completely mobile and terrorizing everything in reach; mostly the poor dog (who secretly loves it) and pretty much anything that he can dump over. Like giant glasses of water, dog bowls full of water…yeah anything with water.

Oh, and ALL the toy bins. ALL the time.

He’s also smacking my laptop with a truck as I type this. Cool. 😉

But I have definitely missed blogging, and sharing my life with all of you. I’m happy to get back to it!

PS Thinking of all my friends and family in Florida as this post comes while everyone is hunkering down HARD for Hurricane Irma. Love to you all. <3


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