5 Reasons to Visit Munich

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Five Reasons You Should Visit Munich, Germany


Hi everyone!

I’m Amanda and I blog at I write about  travel, home decor, motherhood, food, and college life. I love to travel and Europe is my favorite. I was in Munich in March and I am in the process of applying for a German Student Visa so hopefully I will be able to pursue my Masters Degree over there!

Germany is seriously underrated in the tourism department. I feel like there is this weird idea that Greece, Italy, and France are all more “exotic” than the other European countries. And not that France isn’t lovely… it is. But I don’t know why places like Germany and Austria ( and many others I am sure) don’t get the attention they deserve! Germany was wonderful.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, which is in the southern half of the country near the mountains. (Which I’m telling you is a selling point in itself.) The city is filled with buildings that are centuries old, and it warms my history loving heart. There are remains of the Romans. That is old, my friends. It is home to BMW, and has hosted the Olympics. It has all of the qualities that big city should, and all of the “Europe-ness” that it should. I only spent 8 days there, and I am in love.

So I am here to present you with 5 reasons that you SHOULD visit Munich Germany, should you ever have the opportunity.

1. The Food.



Isn’t this always the first thing people say when they travel? There is just something so compelling about authentic foreign food. It’s just not the same when you order it at home, no matter how good the restaurant.

First of all… I don’t know why Germans aren’t known for having good pizza?? Seriously… every pizza we ordered was delicious. You can also order potatoes as an ENTREE. Yes, a baked potato as an entree. They fill it with butter, and mushrooms, and vinegar stuffs (Germans love them some vinegar) and voila! Potato Entree. It’s revolutionary I tell ya. 😉



Also, the European Union has strict regulations in regards to things like GMO’s, so European food is always just a little bit higher quality than food in the States. In my opinion… 😉 I love the idea of buying fresh fruits and vegetables from little farmers markets, baked goods from bakeries, and meat from butchers.

2. The Castles


Schloss. One of the few German words I made SURE to learn. There are castles EVERYWHERE in this great country… including the one that inspired Sleeping Beauty’s humble abode. Neuschwanstein is nestled in the Bavarian Alps, and if you swing by my blog and check out the rest of my travels you will see… Mountains are a huge selling point for me.


Neuschwanstein Castle is a very famous one and a massive tourist attraction, but there are many smaller castles ALL OVER the place. Like, ALOT. Some you can just park your car in town and walk through. Some of them have been converted into stores or apartments. Kinda awesome.

3. The People


This might sound like a weird one, I know. But it’s true. Something about the people in Munich, they are all SOOOO nice. Oftentimes, areas that are commonly filled with tourists…are also filled with locals that are not so excited about all of the tourists. I live in Florida, and even I am guilty of this sentiment.


Never not once did I feel unwelcome while in Munich. No one was frustrated with me for not speaking a lick of German, nor did they laugh at me if I tried anyways. It was truly the people that I met in Munich that made me love it. They create an atmosphere there that just fills it positive energy. LOVE.

We made friends that were awesome enough to show us all the best local spots, drink biers with us, drive us on the autobahn, and add us on Facebook so that we could get together again. 😀

4. They Speak English


Ok, this might only be helpful for the American readers. And I am by no means trying to be condescending towards people that don’t speak English. I am truly a lover of different cultures and languages and all that goes with it. But quite frankly, for survival purposes it was a real convenience. lol!

And not only do most ALL of them speak English, they do so happily. Most Western Europeans speak some English, at least in the big cities that I have visited. But they are not always so pleased with my lack of knowing their language. But in Germany, not a soul seemed to mind my very American “Sprechen ze English?” And their answer was almost always a smiley “Yes.”

5. The Transportation


OH EM GEE. I could go on for days about the amazingness that is the UBAHN. Munich’s underground “subway” system. It is seriously amazing. Also, this concept in general is not unique to Munich or Germany, but is rather common throughout Europe.

The UBAHN is different though. At least from Paris’ Metro, which is the only thing like it I’ve personally experienced. The UBAHN is shockingly clean despite the bazillion people that use it everyday. It is also surprisingly well taken care of, with little of the graffiti or damage that tends to pop up all over cities.

And it goes ALL OVER the city. It literally runs underneath the airport. You get off your plane, grab your bags, walk downstairs, and hop on the UBahn. That’s right, you can travel for you entire trip without ever setting foot in an automobile. This makes transportation while you’re visiting not only extremely convenient, but also extremely cheap.



At the end of the day, there are a million reasons that I would tell you to visit Munich. I could go on for days… so just go. Just do it. You won’t regret it. And when you come back… show me some pictures and tell me how your first real schnitzel tasted! 😉

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