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The Moment I Knew I Loved Munich…

Okay, I will be honest and admit that I had decided that I loved Munich before I even got there. But it did not disappoint.

I feel like there is this weird thing about European countries… where people some how think that France, Italy, and Greece, are somehow more “exotic” than the many others. I’ve been to France, my friends. It is a gorgeous country, but I would love to understand why those locations are singled out in such ways? Germany and Austria are also beautiful countries. And if I’m being honest… the Germans are much nicer. ­čśë

It was a regular Sunday afternoon. Our last Sunday. We decided to walk around Marienplatz again. But Germany still has that “we respect the work/life balance” and most everything is closed on Sundays. So the square like… comes alive with local musicians and artists…they all just pick a spot and play… and it’s just awesome sauce.



There is this liveliness in big cities, that small towns just seem to lack. There is a cultural diversity in them that just feeds my soul. European cities, seem to have it ten fold. Something about being in such close proximity with so many different languages, religions, everything…just makes them this smorgasbord of┬ásocial identity. Ugh… my heart just sings, friends.


On this particular Sunday, there was a group of Columbian musicians just lighting up their particular corner of the square.┬áThe men were drumming and playing a saxophone and the women were wearing those big traditional Columbian dresses that fan all the way out when they hold them in their hands. and they were singing in Spanish and no one seemed to mind that they could’t understand the words. Everyone was just awed by their music that we all just danced along with them.






Germans, Americans, hispanics, young, old, Muslim women in full on hijab… didn’t matter. In a European city as old as the Romans we all danced to South American music together… and I fell in love.








“La vida es Sagrada.” Life is Sacred.




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