True Life: We’re Going to Germany!!!


Did anyone else get the old MTV reference? Ok…

Seriously though. Josh & I are going to Munich… in 2 weeks.



Sorry for the late notice, peeps. I’ve actually been planning and saving for a while. Then gas prices did this crazy thing where they like…cut in half?..and apparently airplanes use like… a lot of gas. So when gas prices started eating themselves plane tickets were like RIDICULOUSLY cheap. My round trip ticket was seriously only about $300 more than I have paid to fly to CHICAGO. crazy.

Also, the dollar is gaining on that Euro’s value. Currently weighing in at .88 .Holla!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.16.37 PM

I love, love, LOVE, to travel. But (like most people that love to travel) I don’t get to do it so much. Other than the Caribbean and Central America, I’ve only left the country once. In which I went to Paris, France with my super awesome art teacher in high school. In any case… Europe feeds my history loving soul in a way that the United States never will. I mean, “God Bless America” yatta yatta… But I want to see THE WORLD.

I’ve always wanted to, Josh has always wanted to… and we decided that we’re just going to pick up and do it!




Laugh all you want… but with 25 rapidly approaching, I feel old. I know that sounds crazy to many of you… but it is at least like I’m officially not a kid anymore! I no longer get weird looks when I bring my kids out, because people no longer wonder if he’s my son or my little brother… SAD FACE.
(Although, SIDE NOTE: a couple of neighborhood kids did stop and ask if my “little brother” had a power wheels. To which I responded “Why yes, my little brother does. And you guys come play anytime you want…You can tell my mom I said so…”)  😉

And on March 11th (one day after my birthday) I’ll officially be closer to ahem…thirty… than I am to twenty. This revelation is panic worthy, people.

But back to Germany…

We’re going to Munich!!!! Which is near the Alps, the “Bavarian Alps” because that rolls off the tongue even nicer. And I am so excited I could, idk…vomit? I am just beside myself with excitement…!!!

I also have quite a knack for finding a good deal (ask anyone who knows me well.) So overall, our trip has been shockingly cheap. Which, quite frankly has only left me wondering why we waited this long to go? Anddddd… has me wondering where I’ll have us off to next. ;P


We decided not to bring the bebes this time for a few reasons; A. I’ve never been to the area, and feel uneasy about bringing them somewhere I know virtually nothing about. B. Making a 2 year old sit on a plane for 12 hours sounds like hell, and C. They don’t have passports.

So they’re going to stay with Aunt Jessi!!! Whom they adore, and probably like better than mom and dad anyway. 😉

So yeah, Josh and Amanda become world  travelers in T minus 15 days. EEEEEPPP!!!!


“Fernweh” is a German word and there is no English translation for it. It is basically the opposite of homesickness (Heimweh): when you feel like you have to leave your familiar surroundings to discover new places. It is the need for distance, the wish to experience something far away from home, the urge to escape from your everyday life by traveling.”



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