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Oh hey little neglected blog. 🙂 Someday I’m going to get better about regular posting, I swear it.

I’ve been back on my school grind, my no days off like…ever, grind. Seriously…my life brings a whole new meaning to the whole #teamnodaysoff thing.

I often wonder why I do this to myself. It’s not quite possible to actually do my best at anything this way. I’ve got myself run so ragged and strung so thin, that I basically just barely get everything that I need to, done.

I am an honor roll student gone mediocre in the face of the mountains of laundry and dishes I couldn’t possibly keep up with, why with the masses of political journals I have to read. I am a devout mother, who’s kids have become all too accustomed to watching me stare into my phone/computer screen at said political journals. I spend 5 days a week at a company I’ve been with for 7 years, and I’m lucky that they’re so forgiving of my hectic schedule as I am late far too often. I often find myself having to chose between eating, sleeping, and showering. I should really be thinner. haha!

Ah well, such is life. I suppose I wouldn’t break my back for something if I didn’t want it so badly. My dreams just require a little more hustle than most… and even less sleep. lol!

Most of the time I feel misunderstood. Most of my mom friends don’t understand what full time college is like on top of all of the mommyhood duties – which are a lot as it is. Then my fellow student friends have no idea what it’s like to try and read political theory with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse blaring in the background, or to take a timed final exam while covered in your child’s vomit. Yes, that has happened. I spent 2 hours soaked in Zoey’s throw up while I finished my final exam essays, I couldn’t stop the timer once the test had started. Then my friends that fit into neither category seem to sympathize with me the least. It is not that I don’t value your friendship… I literally have ZERO free time.

Some days… I am absolutely drowning. Other times, I am able to remind myself what a Boss Ass Bitch I am. (Sorry, the profanity is necessary. (; )

The sense of accomplishment that I will feel when I am finished though! So close I can taste it.

Speaking of heaps of dishes and laundry… does anyone else use a disproportionate amount of bowls vs dishes? hahaha! Ok I think it’s time for bed!

It all makes me so glad that I had the kids close together, it’s so much easier when they have each other to play with all day. 🙂 My lil’ baby besties.


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