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Jace & Zoey’s Peter Pan Birthday Party

SO, about two weeks ago we had Jace and Zoey’s birthday party! My #brokemom status resulted in impressive levels of DIY-ige for the party decor. hahaha. Yes, I just hash tagged in the middle of a sentence. Don’t judge me. It all started with the adorable invitation I made… 😉

I only wanted to throw ONE birthday party this year so we had to go with a gender neutral theme. Although, as it turns out, Jace loves Tinkerbell just as much as Zoey does. LOL. He actually cried on Halloween because Zo was Tinkerbell and he “WANTED TO BE TINKERBELL TOO!!!!” Lmao. My bad, son! MY BAD.


I MADE these adorable garland strands out of tissue paper and string that I already had. I might be way too excited about it. 😛

Garland, garland, GARLAND EVERYWHERE! I may or may not have relocated some of the garland to my daughter’s bedroom… because I love it that much… >_<

I also made little bunted flags out of tissue paper… oh and what I called my “lost things” cupcake stand. (If you know anything about Tinkerbell… you know that she collects “lost things…” Yes I know, I took it too far. Sue me. 😛


My adorable grandfather took it upon himself to feed my daughter about three of these,here cupcakes, and when I confronted him on the sugar high we were all about to have to endure, he responded with… “Well she kept asking me for another one!” HAHA. Grandpa’s can’t say “no.” Probably why she feels like this about him… ;P


They so cuuuuute. (insert eye heart emoji x100) Don’t act like you don’t know.

Present time was basically like Christmas morning x10. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the lovely gifts, by babes are DEFINITELY too too spoiled. <3 (I for one, was pretty psyched about all of their new clothes. It was kind of like MY birthday. ;))

THEN in all of my DIY spirit and bravery iiiiiii made my kids’ birthday cake. ALL. BY. MYSELF. (Okay, that’s a lie, my friend Ciara helped.) I made freaking homemade fondant, people. That is commitment. I made the cake, the fondant, I dyed it all to match the party’s colors, I made the little decorations to go on top… I went hard on that cake, alright?


Is it perfect? Not even close. But for my first time EVER doing something like that… I’m basically drowning in Supermom pride, okay?! (PS Ciara makes custom furniture. It’s pretty AMAZING. Check out her Facebook page here.)

Is it just me… or does everything look WAY more adorable once placed on this table?!?! It’s a party up in here, folks. All I need in my life is this table. 😉 (I basically confess my undying love for it here.)


The party was profoundly awesome. Thanks to everyone that came out. The kids truly loved it! And if I’m being real… making all of the stuff for it WAS pretty fun too. 😉


Pin my adorable picture, it took forever.


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