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Pinterest Made Me Do It: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Creamer

Oh hey guys!

IIIIII have been extremely busy, and thus dropped the blogging ball a little bit. Ah well, such is life. I have nothing new to report – other than chocolate frozen yogurt and unsweetened almond milk is a delicious treat. Surprisingly tasty, minimal guilt.

I also couldn’t follow through with the daycare thing… I kinda had a feeling that would happen. “A” for effort??  I just couldn’t get past the pit in my stomach every time I left them there. I went to sleep dreading it every night and hated it all day long. I guess it just isn’t for me. So everything is back to normal now. Days with Momma, nights with Dad. And all was right with the world.

The school/work/mommy grind has been kicking my butt. I find myself feeling lucky if I have enough energy to fold the laundry lately. I mean… you know you’re overloaded when you have to chose between eating, sleeping, and showering. I won’t lie, I have found myself in this predicament more than a few times as of late. Eating is usually gets the boot, because sleep is my favorite. lol.

Also, it’s practically Fall! Yay! Cue the cool weather, the beautiful leaves, the crisp, glorious smell of the harvest season… PSYCH! I live in Florida, it’s going to be slightly less hot and even more slightly less humid. BUT it’s my favorite time of year none the less! I love love love the holidays and my babies birthdays!!!!!! Hubby and I have decided to combine the kids’ birthday parties this year, the whole ten days apart thing is just too close. I guess I can get away with a joint party for another year to two, while they’re still baby besties. 😉 I get so excited about their parties! 😀

Since my Publix refuses to stock Pumpkin Spice creamer already, I took to Pinterest to learn how to make my own. Da-na-na-NAAAAA!


I got all excited and washed up one of my old Starbucks Frappacino bottles thinking it would look SO cute. Which lets be real… it does. 😉

Click here for the link to the Pin where I got my recipe.

Friends, it was DEEEEEE-SCUSTING. (Insert cry laughing emoji.) 


I had originally planned for it to be awesome, and that I could rave to you about this cool homemade alternative to the store bought stuff. But this is real life… and well #PinterestFail.

But I have noticed that there is a pretty big variety of recipes around, so I’m going to dry a different one, and I’ll get back to you all. Lmao.

And since it’s been a while since my lovely children have graced your computer screen here’s a quick photo dump: as usual. 😉




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