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If there are any of you that don’t already know… Josh & I officially tied the knot!!! It was a beautiful day. Everything went better than I expected it to, which in itself isn’t saying much since I was expecting it to be a complete disaster. BUT it wasn’t! Everything went seamlessly & practically according to plan ( & lets be real, when does that really happen?! ) A lot of people have been asking me for the play by play & all the details about how the day went for me


I would like to make clear that I practically had army of help. It truly is baffling how amazing all of my friends are. Ciara had her poor butt up at like 5am and was my wake up call… with coffee & bagels. Ej was up at the crack of dawn as well, packing & preparing for his debut as DjEj. ;P




Tanya held down the fort at home while Kayla, their mom Diane, Kay, Billy, Ciara, Josh, & I all went up that morning to decorate, & we met up with Ej, his dad, & Mike. It took us a few hours, but it was SUPER awesome to see all of the decorations that I had been buying and/or making by hand for months come together. They all let me whine, boss, & stress (ahem, freak out) freely & without complaint. Then it was time to drive back home & start the long process that is hair & make up for 6 girls. LOL.

Diane in particular, was a life saver. She handled every single one of those little things that always pop up at the last minute. Then she went back to the venue early to make sure that everything was perfect. Which of course it was. 😉 I mean, could she be any sweeter?

Now during the whole decorating process I thought I might vomit. & I felt very concerned about things like tables & table cloth colors – & can any of my guests even recall what color the table clothes were? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 😉 But when we got back to my house things were chaos. A lovely, distracting, cascading wave of chaos that kept my mind from straying towards anything that might yield a bridezilla attack.
We all got ready together, Ciara & Rachael did everybody’s hair. My lovely bridesmaid Kia & her bf printed out all of my programs that I made because I didn’t have time (but in my defense I was going to do them the night before & Kia made me promise to go to bed & that she would do it instead, like a good little bridesmaid. <3 ) Kayla hand wrote my vows since I had typed them…at the bottom of a random document in my notes, of course. 😉
Then, after we were all beautiful… EJ’s lovely mama drove all of us girls to the venue in her mini van. The 45 minute drive seemed short & I chose this time to realize that I hadn’t covered the whole “something old, something new…” thing. -_- So I ended up with Josh’s sister’s earrings in my second piercing & a heart drawn on my garter in blue ink. Yes, you read that right. I’m not usually one for superstition… but this is marriage people, I wasn’t taking any chances.
When we arrived Rachael was waiting for me – like the super hero that all of my friends were that day – to put my veil in my hair. & then… We were married!!!

To answer your first question… No, I don’t have my photos from the photographer yet. But I can’t wait to see them!

I personally had to pretend that no one was there, or I would have thrown up, or sobbed uncontrollably. I mean, having  that many people stare at you is kind of nerve wracking. Also, it happens pretty fast. Looking back, I feel like the whole thing was blur – which everyone warns you about anyway. Then, I spent more time making sure I said hello to everyone for at least ten seconds than eating, drinking, or shaking my booty. In fact, I did not get one single bite of what we served. I also never finished a single drink. & I’m still pretty sure I didn’t make to everyone.
But it was a pretty fantastic party. My venue was jaw-dropping gorgeous & all of my decorations came together beautifully. I had just about every aspect of my wedding covered by my marvelously talented friends. Ej used all of his band Seek The Reason‘s equipment to DJ with his bandmate Mike. Ciara & Rachael did everyone’s hair. Kayla, Diane, & I spent hours making all of the decorations ourselves. A manager that works in the floral department at work made all of my beautiful bouquets. Ej’s family owns a furniture business & used their trucks to do all the moving of equipment, decorations, & the bar. Jessica Tackett did a beautiful job on my make up (which lasted well into the next day,) & a friend of mine who actually works as a bartender tended my bar! Whats even better… is that all of my guests that stayed until the very end tore down and cleaned everything up for me! I didn’t even have to go back to Sarasota the next day, possibly the best wedding gift of all. 😉 So you see what I’m saying about having surrounded myself with THE BEST of friends?!

Of course I want to thank all of our friends & family for making the day such a wonderful memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Like I said before, I was so overwhelmed with everyones’ kindness & support – you are all truly my favorite people in the world.

If any of my guests have pictures on their phones I would love to see them! Post them to Instagram & good ol’ Facebook & tag them #MrAndMrsRinehart .

I will of course have a post to come when I have more pictures! & also an detailed account of our travels & adventures during our honeymoon!!!


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