It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And I’m not just saying that because of the song. I am truly a lover of all things Christmas. I love everything about this time of year. The music, movies, weather (I miss REAL winter so bad this time of year!) I love the lights, how all of the stores are suddenly sparkly & bright, how all of the packages suddenly have snowmen on them, & how Starbuck’s cups turn red. I even love wrapping paper. I mean… c’mon, who loves wrapping paper? This girl does.


The kids & I spent some time getting our Christmas on today. 🙂 The tree has been up since  right after Thanksgiving (obviously 😉 ) but I just got around to buying new garland yesterday. So we put that up. Josh bought candy canes, & it was endlessly entertaining watching Jace lick every single one before hanging it on the tree. Apparently, he had to make sure they didn’t miss one in the packaging department. Even for the rest of the night, he would periodically walk over to the tree, grab a candy cane, lick it, & then hang it back up.  It’s pretty funny.


Jace & I made a Gingerbread Train. Yes… a gingerbread TRAIN. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned that my son is slightly interested in trains… so how could I pass this baby up when I saw it next to the lame ol’ Gingerbread Houses?!


Yeah. You know you’re looking at your Gingerbread House right now thinking; “The Gingerbread peeps that live in this house, would TOTALLY want to ride in Jace’s Gingerbread Train!.” Yeah… I’m kinda tired. Not gonna lie… the difficulty level on this baby is a little intense. 😛  & Jace spent most of the time snatching up gumdrops & shotgunning icing out of the bag. 0_0

We also started making some ornaments. But they’re not quite finished so I’ll have to show em’ off a little later. 😉

My friend EJ came over again to take a few pics to throw on our Christmas cards! (The same secretly talented guy who took these photos.) Jace & Zoey decided that they would team up & try to use their brother/sister powers for evil & try to sabotage our mini photo shoot. So (spoiler alert for those who will be receiving a card) our photos look a little something like this…





I actually super like this one for some reason!




& we all know that I like to be a little different… so of course I LOVE this one. 🙂


So yeah… basically we combatted photo non-cooperation by dangling our children upside-down, & bribing them with candy. Am I alone here?  #MomOfTheYear 😉


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