Jace Turns Three!!!


I suppose I’ll start by saying “Happy Halloween!” I was off of work, trick or treating tired out both of the kids enough to skip bath time, & I even had my own teeth brushed by 10:30pm. This my friends, never happens. So I thought that I would indulge in a late night blogging sesh. 😉
Jace’s birthday party was last Saturday! I’m so happy that everybody came to celebrate little man’s big day. As you may recall from my last post, it was a pirate themed party!


Honestly, I didn’t get to decorate as much as wanted to. Mostly because I ran out of time to make all of the cutesy decorations I had planned & had to work the night before the party. Resulting in me being a total basket case the morning before the party. Not to mention the Guest of Honor had a haircut mishap.

birthdaycollageYes, I am aware that my son is bald. Like…old man style bald. No, we aren’t going to talk about it. As a matter of fact… I just pretend that his luscious blond locks are still there. I won’t lie… I briefly considered glueing some of it back to his scalp. Moving on….

birthdaycollage2Since the Pirate theme was Jake and the Neverland Pirates inspired we had to get a Jake cake and balloons. 🙂

IMG_2519 IMG_2520

I made some cupcakes to go along with the cake for a few reasons. ONE, custom cakes are EXPENSIVE, and the bigger they are the bigger the price tag. TWO I love confetti cake. THREE how could I resist those little fishy sprinkles that complimented my theme so perfectly?!

IMG_2524 IMG_2525

Then I made up these witty place cards to put with the food. 😉 Anyways, aside from me being a disorganized mess despite all of my efforts the party went great! Apparently everybody was hugging & saying “it’s good to see you!” because Jace has been letting me know how “good it is to see me” about ten times a day. It’s pretty adorable… even from a bald… gulp… THREE year old.

&&&&&&&&&& since we have officially survived Halloween… it’s on to Zoey’s FIRST birthday party next!!!!


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