Fall is Coming!

Am I the only one who is SUPER excited for autumn this year?! Something about having an almost 3 year old whose favorite thing to do is play outside, mixed with Florida’s August heat & humidity, just screams “BRING ON THE COOLER WEATHER!” Not that Jace cares, he would rather have a heat stroke than get off of his swing-set. Which he reminds me when I have to drag him inside screaming. Good times…

BUT my lack of enthusiasm for the weather has rekindled my love for Pinterest. I have found some cute and fun crafts that Jace & I can do INSIDE when the sweltering heat gets to be too much.


Notice our pumpkin… in preparation for our fall decorations. 😉

Also, the approaching season change means… THE HOLIDAYS ARE ON THEIR WAY! As I am sure the very premature Christmas Trees in Hobby Lobby may have suggested. 😉 And who doesn’t LOVE all of the holiday themed pins on Pinterest?! You won’t hear me complaining. Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Christmas time. Seriously. December 26th is my least favorite day of the year. Ahem.

But I am getting ahead of myself here ( I blame Hobby Lobby…) What is on its way BEFORE Christmas is MY KIDS’ BIRTHDAYS! Which I like about 10 million zillion times more than my own birthday (I mean, who wants to celebrate turning anything older than 21?) AND Zoey’s FIRST Halloween. Also, we can’t forget Thanksgiving, for which Josh’s family makes this sweet potato casserole thing, that makes you feel a little bit like your tastebuds might jump off of your tongue in excitement, directly after you fall into your diabetic coma. Can you see why I am about ready for this whole season change thing?!!!

AAAAAND…I may or may not… have already made my daughter a glittery tutu to match the theme of her first birthday party… >_<
I know… don’t judge me… 😉 

tutu collage


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