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I would just like to announce THAT I HAVE NOT ABANDONED MY BLOG! My hiatus was due to my drowning in school work, actual work, & I started watching seasons 1-9 of Grey’s Anatomy again. Anyone who’s seen the show knows what I’m talking about. 😉 BUT i have not forgotten about my little ol’ blog. Also, WordPress virtually ate my blog {pun intended.} Which is why you will find some changes on my old pages, and a serious lack of pictures. It will take me hours to put them all back. 🙁 So if you were subscribed before, please resubscribe because that feature was deleted also.

My summer semester is over – thank sweet baby Jesus & I am happy to say that I passed all 3 of my classes. WOOT!  There were days that I thought for sure that my brain was going to liquify and pour out my ears. But I am officially 9 credit hours closer to my degree that is so close, & yet so far. sigh…

In other news, Zoey is 9 months old today. She has officially been out the belly as long as she was in. :’) Some days I wish I could put her back, but then I remember the heart burn and decide  that she is just fine where she is.

Jace consistently takes his naps with “big boy undies” on – which believe me IS a seriously exciting development. Try potting training a boy, and you’ll understand. Next obstacle: going to the potty while at the park, because apparently missing  2 minutes of park time so that you don’t pee yourself is unacceptable.  -_-

My BFF since the beginning of time was down for vacation with her family last week! I haven’t beached it that much in years! Even Zoey is rockin’ a little bit of a tan. Her tan lines consist of her fat rolls – so she has little white lines inside her wrist rolls, thigh rolls, and neck rolls. And I can proudly say; that my daughter rocks roll tan lines better than anyone can.

We did other best friend things, like; drink daiquiri’s, paint our toenails, complain about our men, & avoid Target because we didn’t have the money for that ish. & I do believe that this is the FIRST time that we didn’t grace Target with our presence during one of her vacations. Their stock value may very well be hurting because of it. It’s that serious. 😉

Sooooooo if you’ve missed us, here’s a little bit of whats been goin on…



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