Ikea is one of the 7 Wonders of the World

Really. It is. This week I visited Ikea for the first time, aaaaaand I was kind of so amazed that I couldn’t sleep at all that night after I got back home because my brain was so cracked out on potential decorating opportunities for my house. It was that cool. It is every newbie-home-decorator/ cheap-skate/ shopaholics’ dream {I am all three.}

It started out like this…
I have been on a Pinterest inspired redecorating rage since my maternity leave. Which is quite possibly my most expensive hobby to date {unless you count having kids!} I had always heard good things about Ikea in the past and I recently started re-doing our master bathroom. I had this brilliant idea that I should make Josh – dramatic pause – rip out our towel bars. Have you read my page about my family? You may remember my mentioning that baby daddy has no concept of laundry. Okay, well I decided that this specific towel bar like object would be better suited for a family of 8635318+ towels. And would you believe it – I checked every store I could think of and Ikea was the only place that carried it! HA! Perfectly good excuse to drive an hour and half right? I needed said towel bar!



So I contacted this chickadee and she was down to ride. 😉 {Technically, she’s my boss. Its okay to be jealous.}


 And in all their brilliance Ikea has taken it upon themselves to fill an ENTIRE level of their humongous warehouse style store with mock rooms. So basically millions of fake kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms that all make you wish you could light your house on fire and start all over. Seriously, marketing genius.

Then, {as if it could get any better} it is seriously broke-mommy-of-two friendly. I spend oodles more on half the crap at Target {which is my other must-avoid-like-kryptonite-because-I-will-spend-all-my-money store.} They have stuff for every room and everyone.

Susan & I put our packing skills and the trunk/backseat fill capacity of my Murano to the test.









Can you tell that I AM IN LOVE?!

I plan to post some of my redecorated stuff soon. So check back. 😉

& a quick hello from the Rinehart babies…

image (8)                  Eh, today was an undies and golashes kinda day for Jace. 😉

image (11)& today was Miss Zo’s first time to the beach. So we practiced sitting up in a personalized sand chair. Say Whaaaa?! 😀


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