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Hi! I’m Amanda.

Blue Hair and Spring Florals


I am a wife, mom, life enthusiast, and caffeine junkie. This is a life+style blog where I talk about all things mom, home, travel, beauty, and more. I especially like to remind moms that we were people before we had kids, and that we still are afterwards too. Because I believe that women add so much value to the world; in and outside the role of motherhood.

I am a Chicago born Florida girl; if that makes any sense. I have a hard time deciding if I love the beach or changing seasons more. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we are going to welcome a new baby into the family soon.  I first met motherhood at age 20, and will soon be Mother in Chief to three freakishly adorable babes. I recently graduated with my bachelors in Political Science and I’m still weighing my options for continuing my education. Traveling is my favorite – take me anywhere. I don’t know my natural hair color anymore and own more eyeshadow than I could ever use. I love; coffee, wall art, photos, white wooden furniture, fiction novels, shoes, and a good political debate. I believe that life should be an adventure, that experiences are more valuable than objects, & that my children provide me with all of it.

This blog is where I share posts about things that I love, adventures that I experience, and the balancing act that is motherhood and love of self. Because raising tiny humans can be hard, and all hard things seem better when you’re not alone!

Motherhood and Confetti is where I want to inspire women to exceed their own expectations, to push the boundaries set forth by society, to pursue life’s adventures in whatever form they choose. And to encourage moms to never lose sight of themselves, even amongst the never ending piles of laundry and dishes.

Because motherhood is hard. But life is still a party.

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Professoinal hunk, hubby, babydaddy, + best friend.


Fiercely feisty and abnormally intelligent, shockingly resemblant of Mom. 😉



Freakishly adorable tom boy in a tutu kind of girl. Perfection in muddy princess heels.


Hello Grey | A Birth Story

The third and final piece to the puzzle that is my mommy heart.