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    How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without Throwing a Party

    If you’ve followed me since the way way back, or you know me in real life, then you know that I LOVED throwing birthday parties for my littles. I liked the themes and having everyone over to make them feel special. It wasn’t always a perfect execution – but I’m a Pinterest Party Mom at heart. Since moving to Colorado though, we’re miles and miles away from both of our families; and what used to be a big group of friends with kids of the same age, is now a much smaller group here in Denver. I still really want my children to know that their birthdays are special so for these past two birthday seasons I’ve tried really hard to celebrate my children’s birthdays without throwing a party.

    It’s not particularly easy in today’s world. My kids are finally to an age where they’re pretty socially aware, and they notice when their friends get to have parties and they do not. But I still think it’s important to make them feel special and to teach them that a big to-do of a party isn’t the only way to celebrate a special occasion.

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