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    The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies for Kids

    Halloween is almost here friends! 

    I’m always actually kind of sad when a holiday officially arrives… because I enjoy the “season” leading up to it so much. Halloween is no different. I mentioned over on my Insta that October is my favorite month of the whole year. Especially since moving to Denver. REAL FALL!!!! I love all of the pumpkin patches, the apple orchards, the snugly snacks and weather, the candles, and the movies! 

    My husband mentioned the other day how I was abnormally enthusiastic about “seasonal movies.” And I had never really noticed it before… but he’s right! (Turns out that guy knows me pretty well. 😉 ) From September through Christmas I almost exclusively watch seasonal movies. My favorite tv show episodes are usually the holiday episodes too. #obsessed #sorrynotsorry

    The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies

    {Pin this one for next year too!}

    I just love the happy vibe that any holiday brings. I love celebrating life with my kiddos. Festive movies have become every bit the annual tradition that the pumpkin patch is. So I have compiled a list for you, dear readers, of all of the best Halloween movies! Just in time for you binge watch all. week. long. 🙂 Read more