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Fall in Colorado: ASPEN EDITION

HAPPY OCTOBER!!! It’s officially the best month of the year. It officially kicks off the holidays, the weather is snuggly and amazing (JK Denver decided to skip fall this year and go straight to winter,) and everything is BEAUTIFUL. If I could, I would just circle the globe chasing and endless autumn. Truly. It’s that serious. And this year… I got to witness the *most* beautiful fall in Colorado that I’ve seen yet… in ASPEN.

Insert allllllll the heart eyed and pumpkin emojis. It’s a thing people do here… go to Aspen to watch the Aspens change. And I’ve already added it to my calendar for next year. SO worth the 4 hour drive from Denver.

I am an autumn junkie (like most bloggers. Ha!) But I seriously missed seasons so much during my 13 years in Florida. And winter is beautiful but cold. FALL is beautiful and cozy cold. The BEST colors, the BEST fashion, booties, and pumpkin flavored everything. I’m IN IT, friends.

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado


So I got this sweet job back in February (pretty much the best work environment EVER.) And we have a yearly conference in the fall. This year it was held in Snowmass. Now, I’m new to Colorado, but Snowmass appears to be this teeny little ski resort “town” right outside of Aspen, Colorado. I don’t know exactly how this works but I don’t care BECAUSE IT’S GORGEOUS THERE. Hands down the prettiest place I’ve seen in my 2 years (how has it already been that long??) in Colorado.

I seriously had a hard time narrowing this post down to an acceptable blog photo dump size. ha!

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Fall in Aspen Snowmass Colorado

The photos will not do the reality justice. I promise. Just come see it for yourself. The leaves look like millions of little golden sequins. It’s truly an amazing sight.

Then when you sprinkle thousands of these trees up the side of a 14,000+ ft mountain peak… you’re looking straight into the gates of heaven, friends. I don’t know how else to say it.

Fall in Aspen Colorado

Fall in Aspen, Colorado

Also, please bear in mind that most of these photos were taken with camera phones. Because I wasn’t prepared with a proper lens on my DSLR. My friend Ana has a Google Pixel, with a camera far superior to my iPhone 7. So many of the landscape shots are from her phone. And if they look this beautiful through a freaking phone… just imagine the real thing.

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

We stayed in this amazing ski resort. You could literally take the elevator down 2 floors and walk out on to the ski lift. Now, I don’t snowboard (yet) but I feel like that’s pretty awesome. I have many many friends who fly out to Denver for the skiing and snowboarding. To these friends I say: I LOVE YOU, BUT I WILL TOTALLY UNDERSTAND IF YOU GO TO SNOWMASS INSTEAD OF DENVER for your skiing/snowboarding adventures. It has officially made me want to learn how.

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Fall in Aspen/Colorado Colorado

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Don’t be fooled by the sidewalks and cleared walkways. My butt (literally) was TIRED because doing life on the side of a damn mountain is steep (and tiring.)Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Mountains are also pretty cool in the sense that the farther you ascend the further autumn has progressed. The photos at the resort most of the trees are still green with sprinklings of yellow starting. But near Maroon Bells (the peaks in the photos and the most photographed peaks in all of Colorado) it was full on fall in September.

Leave it to me to point out the obvious…mountains are cold.

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

Fall in Aspen/Snowmass ColoradoFall in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado

I’m not the most travelled person in the world. But I’ve been a few places. Colorado is worth seeing. I am so lucky to call this place home. <3

Linked the Outfit Details (since y’all always ask ;))

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