Life Lately + Things I Love

Hey again! You may have noticed the static on my end for a bit. That’s because my trusty macbook died. And my whole life is inside it and I kind of feel like I would if I had lost my wallet somewhere… only way more annoying. I’ve since been making it work on the hub’s desktop (that he uses for gaming – because he’s actually 12) so it’s super fast, but it runs Windows and everything is bulky and awful. I’m not a fan. lol. He’s actually really tired of hearing me complain about it. (Sorry babe, last time, I swear.) BUT I missed you so I figured I’d suck it up and write out a post on this behemoth keyboard about some of the things I’m loving and my life lately.

To begin, HOLY FEBRUARY. 2018 is basically already over, amirite?? Just kidding. But Valentines Day is right around the corner and I had plans for fun posts but they might not come to fruition A.) because all of my computers are on my laptop and B.) because I’m leaving for Chicago on Thursday for a few days. For those of you who don’t know -Chicago is home and I’m going to a funeral but I’ll get to visit with lots of family too. Silver linings are my mantra for 2018. 

But I am excited to visit Chicago again. It’s such a cool city. Also, I haven’t seen my Grandma in a whole year. Had you told me before moving to Colorado that I would go 12 months without seeing this wonderful woman I wouldn’t have believed you.

Life Lately + Things I Love

So here’s what new with me lately;

1.) Trip to Chicago tomorrow. Also… all of the laundry that goes with going out town for a few days when my kids have uniforms at school and I have to fully prep the husband. He doesn’t ever do laundry. It’s supposed to be freezing, in typical Chicago fashion, and snowing. Which I love snow. But it will make my packing situation trickier since I’m only bringing a carry on. And also WHAT THE HECK is with some airlines (cough cough SPIRIT) charging you to carry your own bag on?!?! Like… I’m doing all the work. I’m carrying it on myself. How you gonna charge me for that?! Even “non-discount” airlines don’t allow you overhead bin access without paying. My bag has to fit under my seat. WHAT is the world coming to?? SHEESH.

2.) ALLLLL the Sick Babies. OH MY goodness. I legit had two of my three kids in the ER last week because they were so sick I couldn’t wait for an opening at the doctors. Zoey had croup and Grey was dehydrated. They’re all on the mend now so of course I think I feel a cold coming on… and travelling probably will do the trick. I’ll likely be blowing my nose the whole trip. Somehow Jace dodged this bullet and didn’t get sick at all?? Super immune system from public school?? Maybe. But I hope it carries him through this tough winter.

3.) Keto/Low Carb Diet. Okay. I have literally never stuck to a diet in my life. Ever. I gained (a little too much) weight with each pregnancy that stuck around but otherwise my weight was always pretty steady. But after three pregnancies where I gained a little too much I’m ready to lose some now too. lol. So with lots of annoying texts/snaps to my successful keto-dieting friend. I have adopted this lifestyle. And honestly, I thought it would be harder than it is. Let’s be honest… all of life’s best foods are carbohydrates. But for me giving them up completely has been easier than “watching what I eat.”  I haven’t been doing it that long yet but already longer than any other diet. And so far… ketosis gives me headaches. But I hear it will pass. I’ll keep you guys updated. 😉

Life Lately + Things I LoveLife Lately + Things I LoveLife Lately + Things I Love

Life Lately + Things I Love

Products I’m Loving Lately;

1.) MukLuks Slippers. GAH so cute and cozy. I ordered mine on Amazon after Christmas and I live in them. I love that they cover like my whole foot instead of the slide on Victoria’s Secret ones that I used to have. The bootie style slipper seems to be all the rage right now too. Because ya know… FOR FASHION! even when you’re bumming around the house. 😉

2.)  L’oreal ProGlow Foundation. I talked about this in my InstaStories when I first picked it up and a lot of you asked for an update. So far… I’m loving it!!! It’s so glowy and natural looking and lasts for so long!! Which was what I was looking for when I turned away from my TruMatch Lumi. I love that foundation, it just wears off so quickly that it’s like… why do I even bother?? lol. This stuff though; perfect glowy medium coverage and it lasts all day. Yas. (Do people still say that? Someone let me know. I’m not hip anymore.)

3.) Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil. YOU GUYS. SO SO GOOD. My skin is so dry. SO DRY. I don’t even have words. At this altitude and with this zero humidity life… my skin has been hating me! I’ve never in my life had breakouts like I’ve had since moving to Colorado and drowning my skin in lotions. But I kid you not… I have had two pimples since I started using this. It completely relieved one of my really big problem areas and my whole face feels soft and moisturized all the time now. It seems counter productive to use oil to treat breakouts but whatever, it’s working so I’m not asking questions. I use it pretty much everyday besides the couple of days where I fell asleep without doing my normal nighttime routine. Ha. #momlife

4.) Wireless Headphones. Yeah, I know. Suuuuuper late to the party on this one. But who knew eliminating one stupid wire would make wearing headphones feel so much more comfortable?! I resisted for so long because I couldn’t justify the price over just one tiny wire. But now you can get some for pretty much the same price (maybe like +$10??) as standard earbuds and it’s so worth it.

Life Lately + Things I Love

Life Lately + Things I Love

Links I Love;
Bloggers love to read blogs. No surprise there. Here are some of my favorites from around the interwebs.

1.) Thoughts on a Recent Pet Peeve by Cupcakes and Cashmere. Ponders the balance of real life and social media life. Every bloggers favorite debacle.

2.) Dear Hot Mess Mom: To Me You Are Perfect. by WonderOak. Obviously on acceptance of hot-mess-momhood. I’m hard at work trying to be less so, but my true essence will always be that of a mom whose laundry is overflowing, can’t find her car keys, and hasn’t washed her hair in a week. I actually love pretty much every post Jess writes.

So that’s about where I’ll leave it, I still have to finish packing! Thanks for reading. 🙂



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