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The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween is almost here friends! 

I’m always actually kind of sad when a holiday officially arrives… because I enjoy the “season” leading up to it so much. Halloween is no different. I mentioned over on my Insta that October is my favorite month of the whole year. Especially since moving to Denver. REAL FALL!!!! I love all of the pumpkin patches, the apple orchards, the snugly snacks and weather, the candles, and the movies! 

My husband mentioned the other day how I was abnormally enthusiastic about “seasonal movies.” And I had never really noticed it before… but he’s right! (Turns out that guy knows me pretty well. 😉 ) From September through Christmas I almost exclusively watch seasonal movies. My favorite tv show episodes are usually the holiday episodes too. #obsessed #sorrynotsorry

The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies

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I just love the happy vibe that any holiday brings. I love celebrating life with my kiddos. Festive movies have become every bit the annual tradition that the pumpkin patch is. So I have compiled a list for you, dear readers, of all of the best Halloween movies! Just in time for you binge watch all. week. long. 🙂

I just love the happy vibe that any holiday brings. I love celebrating life with my kiddos. So I have compiled a list for you, dear readers, of all of the best Halloween movies! Just in time for you binge watch all. week. long. :)

The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies for kids!

  1. Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest

    This one was on Netflix for a couple of years and my kids loved it. I love it too. It tells the story of a farm haunted by a scarecrow/jackolantern named No Noggin who knocks hats off the heads of those who pass by. It manages it to be completely small child appropriate while not completely eliminating the “spooky” factor that is supposed to come with Halloween. I love!

  2. Casper

    And of course the Christina Richie version. Zoey actually thought this was going to be scary at first. But I kind of love how Casper is something scary to most children, so that he can teach them not to be scared. She ended up really enjoying it. And she hasn’t mentioned the fact that “ghosts are scary” in a while either.

    This one is also hella nostalgic. I loved it when I as little. 🙂

  3. Hotel Transylvania

    I mean, have you seen this one? Super cute. Also, you get to hear one of Adam Sandler’s ridiculous accents for an hour and a half. For me, he has one of those voices that I just know is him no matter what. Just me?

    This is also the very first movie I took Jace to see in theaters…for his second birthday… it was a terrible idea. Two is not old enough for a movie theater adventure (insert cry laughing emoji.) He pulled on a poor woman’s dangly earring in the row in front of us. We left early. Which is unfortunate! Because it’s truly a cute movie, and one that we enjoy regularly now.

    Bonus points if you’ve seen the second on as well. It’s currently on Netflix. #yawelcome

  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    If you’re anywhere near my age group you might recall a 3-5 year long period where this movie threw up all over Hot Topic and Spencer’s store in the country and every “punk/emo/goth” kid in high school. It’s been nearly a decade and I can finally enjoy this one again.

    This is my 27 year old self THANKING GOD (and my parents) that I never tattooed anything from this movie on my body.

    Oddly enough, this is one that Zoey actually finds to be scary. I don’t get it. Jace enjoys it. Being a musical it does quite while to hold their attention though. And my kids are antsy, so props to Danny Elfman on that one.


    The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies for kids!

  5. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

    Because some classics never die, and this is surely one of them. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be watching the one with my great grandkids one day, on whatever crazy contraption people watch movies on in the future. I can’t wait.

  6. Halloween Town

    I can’t be the only person that knew who Debbie Reynolds was solely because of this movie? She’s Marnie’s grandma to me; even more than she is Princess Leia’s mom. (If you’re a Star Wars fan I’m sorry but it’s the truth.)

    But seriously Disney original movies were every nineties baby’s jam! I’m no exception. But very few of them stuck around long enough to be replayed each year. Halloween Town definitely outlasted the majority of them. We watch it every year.

    Fun Fact: “Marnie” actually helped write the sequels.

  7. Hocus Pocus

    Because DUH.
    This is the Mac Daddy of all Halloween movies. It isn’t Halloween until Bette Midler puts a spell on you, a virgin lights the Black Flame Candle, and Thackery Binks wanders off into the horizon with his long lost sister Emily.

    “If you don’t believe… you’d better get superstitious.” 😉


The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies for kids!

The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies for kids!

I don’t know if it’s the movie buff in me or not… but I LOVE me some holiday movies. I loved them when I was little, and now I love that I get to share them with my kiddos too. It’s been a fun tradition for us each year.

What’s your favorite Halloween tradition to share with your family?!


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  • Little Steps

    My daughter has seen most except “Hocus Pocus” (I do love Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker in that one) “It’s a great pumpkin Charlie Brown” and “Halloween Town”. This are all going on a list of movies to watch over the weekend 🙂

  • I love a lot of these even as an adult! And, this is reminding me that I haven’t done anything Halloween related this year yet! I can’t believe how quickly the month has blown by.

  • That’s so much Halloween fun! Loved all the photos!! Even I actually love the things leading up to the thing than thing itself! 🙂

  • Meaghan McCann Dawson

    Hocus Pocus, hands down! The best Halloween movie ever. But the whole list is great. My kids love Hotel Transylvania as well.

  • For kids… Yeah… I’m 22 and I legit built a fort last weekend to watch Hocus Pocus and Casper ahahaha XD These are the best Halloween movies! I need to watch hotel transilvania though haven’t seen it yet this year 😀

  • Meli

    Halloween Town is still my all time favourite Halloween movie! I’ll be having a marathon this weekend for sure!

  • Heather Jordan

    Great list! We love the Hotel Transylvania movies! I totally forgot about Casper. We may have to watch that one this weekend.

  • Danielle

    Yes!! These are all the best ones!! I loooove Hocus Pocus.

    Keep Sparkling,
    Sparkling Southerner

  • Megan Ras

    Love this round up of best Halloween movies! Oli adores Curious George, I must see if I can find it for him. Hocus Pocus I loved as a kid!!

  • Candice

    Great list!! We watched Hotel Transylvania last night and my kids love Curious George.

  • Lauren

    Perfect list to get you ready for halloween at every age! Great Post!

  • Great list of movies on halloween for kids. All these seems very interesting and best fun watching for kids.

  • Kira

    The Halloween towns have been my favourite since I was younger . Now me and my daughters watched them every Halloween . Brilliant movie list Hun x

  • Allyson

    I’m excited to use this list to watch Halloween movies with my niece and nephew!! Thank you!!

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