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A Summer Dress and a Life Update

Well, summer is in full swing. It’s so weird to me how bipolar the weather in CO is, I can’t get over it. Forgive me… I’ve endured ONE season for the past 13 years prior to moving here. Also, this no humidity thing is the bomb. I don’t even sweat when it’s 95 degrees outside. It good summer dress wearin’ weather.

My skin isn’t as enthusiastic about it. But every other aspect of my life is on board. And it’s June and I had all of my windows open today. In Florida we start melting about this time of year… or drowning due to all of the rain.

Floral Summer Dress

There’s still a zillion parks in the area we’ve yet to explore. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things here. It is making my kids “park snobs” though, as they demand to go to a new one each time we head out. haha. I don’t blame them, there’s so many! And there are certain days that we do just pick one on google maps and head there.

Last week the temps were as hot as they have ever been here in June (or so I’m told.) My Floridian husband is amazed that the same place can get both so cold and so hot. It is a pretty cool phenomenon if you actually think about it. I’m rambling… I promise that I do do more things than ponder the weather.

On this particular hot day we found ourselves at Denver’s Cheesman Park after I was drawn to its particularly macabre history. It’s built on top of a grave yard, google it. 😉

Summer Floral Dress and a Life Update

Floral Summer Dress

Floral Summer Dress

Floral Summer Dress

But MY GOD is it a gorgeous park. Seriously, I wouldn’t even be mad if someone built a park like that on top of my grave. As a matter of fact, PLEASE DO. There’s fields and flowers and fountains and people playing music and…ugh. It’s just gorgeous, okay? Had I been there already it would totally have made my Beginner’s Guide to Denver.

I’m starting to think parks like this (with lots of open field) are Denver’s version of the beach because I always see people sunbathing in their swim suits and everything. This summer I have a very neglected drawer full of 30 bathing suits or so. It’s super weird. Missing the beach hardcore on the hot days here!

But I truly don’t miss the Florida weather otherwise. The humidity makes the summers quite awful if you’re anywhere other than the beach.

Summer Floral Dress and a Life Update

Summer Floral Dress and a Life Update

Summer Floral Dress and a Life Update

In other news, I had to get the SIM card on my phone switched out at AT&T the other day. It turned out to be an eventful trip because swapping out your SIM card erases all of your old voicemails. I had stopped deleting voicemails from my Grandpa about a year ago when he got sick. I hadn’t even been able to bring myself to listen to any of them yet since he passed. Now I never will. So naturally I cried in the phone store and the poor girl was digging through their shredder bin to try and find my old SIM card even though it wouldn’t have mattered. SIM cards don’t hold voicemails.

I was actually so devastated that Josh says it’s probably a good thing I never listened to them. Maybe he’s right.

The kids are loving summer. Although Zoey asks everyday if it’s time for her to start school yet. I sure will be lonely without her. We go everywhere together.

The current state of my hair is kind of “where-blue-hair-goes-to-die.” I just haven’t decided what I want to do with it yet. So I’m embracing these silver fox days.

Summer Floral Dress and a Life Update

Summer Floral Dress and a Life Update

Summer Floral Dress and a Life Update

| Dress | Denim Vest |  Sandals (old, linked similar) | Lipstick(pretty much my favorite ever)|

As I already stated (a whooole buncha times) it’s been reaching some toasty temperatures here in Denver lately and Zoey picked my dress out at the store. I think I should let her dress me all the time. Its from Old Navy. It’s perfect for summer but I was kinda digging the edge-y feel the denim vest gave it.

My sandals are pretty old and are from Target. I have about as many pairs of pretty sandals as I do bathing suits and neither collection is getting enough action out here. haha!

My backpack is one of the Vera Bradley Back Pack/Diaper Bags and loooooove it.

My lipstick is from Too Faced but it was limited edition over the holidays. It’s probably my favorite lipstick. It’s the perfect pinky red that works for every season AND it tastes like peppermint. You can really only get it on Amazon now (or it’s on sale on the Too Faced website!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. xx



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  • Alissa Carpenter

    That dress is AMAZING! It’s really flattering and can easily be dressed up and down!

  • You are so cute in this dress. Floral dresses are my favorite.

  • Clair

    First, loving that floral dress with the blue jean vest! So cute! Your pictures are amazing…wish the humidity here in Louisiana was a little nicer haha! Might be random, but digging your hair color as well 😉

  • Leighann Hall

    Love that dress! Also love that the kids like parks and being outside, I’m hoping my kids want to go to parks all the time too!

  • Your dress is so cute! I love it. And your sandals! I was eyeing them in every picture. 🙂

  • Charissa | thenotsobusymom

    I have been searching for the perfect summer dress…this looks like a great option! Love the vest with it!!

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your phone! 🙁 That would be hard to happen when you weren’t expecting it. I do love the dress though.

  • Kristen Carlson

    Such a beautiful dress on you! Love the vibrant colors. I am sorry to hear about your phone. I had one voicemail from my dad saved on my phone and thankfully downloaded it to my computer. He passed two years ago and still I never listen to it. But I know it is always there. So so sorry 🙁

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