Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

It’s finally heating up in Colorado! I can finally rock this striped skirt that I got for less than $10! Stripes are everywhere this Spring. Well, stripes are kind of everywhere all the time… but for alliteration purposes will stick with Stripes for Spring. 😉

Can you believe that it’s May again?! That was fast! I (finally) graduated last May. Better last May than this May…last May my Grandpa was able to attend the ceremony. And I had just found out that I was pregnant with our third little babe. May in Florida is already in the 90s on the daily. May in Colorado… well it snowed once and it was like 85 once and that was only the first week. I kind of dig it.

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

Now if we can get real here for a second I was real happy with winter fashions this past year because well

a.) I just had a baby and
b.) I had a nine and a half pound baby
c.) winter clothes just hide the baby fluff better than summer clothes. yakno?

Now, it’s been about a month that I have been hitting the gym regularly so obviously I’m not experiencing too much “fruit from my labor” just yet, so I am the biggest I have ever been while not pregnant.

Ouch. That was even hard to type.

And it’s almost nonsensical how hard on myself I’ve been about it. I mean, Grey is only a whopping 5 months old. And he weighs a whopping 23 lbs. For you non-kid having types — THAT’S HUGE. I grew a massive human last year. I guess it’s only fitting that I have more than usual to lose as well. (I think it’s funny that I now have so many kids that I have a “usual.”) LOL.

I accomplished so many things that I had set out for last year. I graduated, I moved across the country, I had a third baby. All in 2016. I pushed my boundaries, changed my life, stepped way outside of my comfort zone when I left behind everything that I knew; simply for the sake of not waking up and living the same day over and over. And yet, I found myself not fully enjoying it because I was unhappy about this particular postpartum phase of my body. It doesn’t have to stay this way if I don’t want it to.

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

But MOST importantly, it doesn’t even matter! Of course being healthy and setting a good example for my children matters. But it doesn’t overshadow all of my other qualities or accomplishments. It’s one part of my being that I need to work on… not the entirety of me.

Women, and moms with newly postpartum bodies in particular, get so caught up in the vanity of life. I know that I’m guilty of it. The months after pregnancy are always the least flattering for my body. I hate it, even though I wish that I didn’t. Because I loooooove me some babies. Why the unfortunate side effect of actually having to carry and birth them? 😉 I’ve said it for years… humans should really lay eggs.

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

Anyways, I have found that comfy and affordable clothes that flatter my body in it’s current state make me feel more content in my own skin these days. Affordable because regular gym visits willing – I’ll be fitting in my old clothes soon eventually. I have these shirts from Target in like 10 different colors and cuts because they go on sale like every other week. And they’re super comfy. They also go with both cute skirts andyoga pants. #momscore

Oh and this map watch is my favorite watch ever. I’ve had it for years and it was super cheap.

The high wasted trend is also flattering on the post baby bod. Or the post I

haven’t worked out in a while bod. Or the I really like breadsticks bod. Whichever hits home for you. I won’t tell.

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

Stripes for Spring and Some Body Love

I got the skirt on said for a um-how-could-I-not price. SO I have it in stripes and solid gray. It’s actually a little too big, I think I might like it even more if it was tight, but I like it either way. As I said before I have like 10 of this shirt. Just do yourself a favor and pick some up next time you’re in Target. We all know you’ll be in Target one way or another. These shoes are old but I linked some similar ones that I thought were cute.

It’s always been a journey living inside this body of mine. Sometimes I forget to appreciate it, sometimes I forget to take care of it. Sometimes it uses its super powers to grow tiny humans. But no matter what “it’s the only one I’ve got” and I have to remember to love it. I think that most moms feel this way at one point or another, so it’s just a little reminder for you to practice a little self love too. 🙂


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  • What a great post! I’m glad you know that who you are is so much more important than what size you are. The skirt looks great on you!

  • Girl, I share so many of your thoughts on post-baby bodies. I’m 2 weeks postpartum myself and working on giving myself grace. You look beautiful! And that skirt is perfect.

  • Corey Wheeland

    I just love that skirt – the pink shirt is so cute with it!

  • Great post girl! And you look amazing! Loving the striped skirt so so much!

  • I am not a skirt person, but it looks nice om you 🙂

  • You look fantastic in this outfit!

  • Lauren Jane

    YES GIRL! Accepting my postpartum bodies has been so hard for me and I’m working on it like crazy. But we really do need to accept that they are different now; we just grew HUMANS. I love that skirt, I’ll have to make an unscheduled trip to target…

  • Tineke F

    Love that skirt!! I am obsessed with stripes, need to check this one out. And you look stunning girl!

  • Charissa | thenotsobusymom

    Thanks for keeping it real! Cracked up about your “humans should lay eggs” comment. I agree! 🙂

  • I’ve been eyeing this skirt, love that it’s Jersey Knit! You look beautiful by the way!

  • Jill Cappaert

    This is the CUTEST look! obsessed with black and white stripes, so that skirt is HAWT!

  • I adore this look on you! Love the knotted tee. Super cute!

  • Taylor Smith

    Ok I’m obsessed with those shoes. It’s official. You look totally GORGEOUS!

  • you look so pretty in this outfit! I absolutly love it!!

  • T. Ramsey

    love that skirt- and you look so confident in it!

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