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Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

The time is upon us… Teacher Appreciation Day/Week! Teachers seriously are not appreciated enough. Come elementary school they spend about as much time with our children as we do. And I’ve been to some of the little parties hosted by my son’s kindergarten teacher… girlfriend IS A SAINT for choosing to spend her days surrounded by 25 five and six year olds. A saint.

And at the end of the day, she has been presented the task of molding the mind of my most precious tiny humans… and there really is no payment valuable enough for all that. Throw in the fact that my son loves her, and that’s really all a mom could ask for. The fact that I don’t worry about him while he’s in her care all day is pretty much invaluable to me.

I wanted to do something a little bit personalized but didn’t have the time, energy, or cash for something really over the top. The led me to two of my favorite stores… Starbucks and Home Depot.

First, I figured I’d opt for a fun spin on the traditional Starbucks gift card option. Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

So I made a super cute “gift card holder” out of one of the iconic cups, some leftover Easter grass, and a fun printable. You can download it here. Starbucks actually has gift cards that are specifically for Teacher Appreciation Day. It’s hard to see in the pic but the gift card does say “Teacher” across it with some little apples and stuff. 🙂

I actually washed out my Coconut Cold Brew cup, used Easter grass and ribbon that I already had. And made the printable in picmonkey. So it legitimately cost me only the value of the gift card!

Teacher Appreciation Gift IdeasTeacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Then we decided to go for something a little bit more personalized.

Jace was pumped about it. Because he friggin loves his teacher. Like tells me “to tell Siri” to send things to her. Bless his heart, it might be love.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

He painted this flower pot that we picked up at Home Depot for about 1.50 . One side is a “Rosie” that he painted for her and the other side is his handprint. The handprint is actually a cover up pf the first Rosie painting that he messed up. And he was crying because “that’s not how it was supposed to look!” Only the best for Miss.

You can get the printable here.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Jace also picked out the flowers and we planted it in his customized pot. It definitely made him feel like he was making her something special.

The pot was about $1.50 and the flowers were about $5.

Oh and I used some wire that I got at Michaels to tie the printables on. 🙂

And that’s it! Super simple and super cheap gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation Day or Week! Even though, teachers deserve celebrating ALL THE DAYS. Can’t thank those guys enough. <3 The kiddos thought it was fun and I know that his teacher will love it.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas


Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for your favorite teacher!

Are you doing anything for your kiddos’ teachers this week?!


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  • shootingstarsmag

    Aw, I love both of these ideas. Teachers really deserve more love, I do agree. That’s great your son loves his teacher so much too.


  • Starbucks yes!! I taught for three years, and my favorite gifts were either candy/drinks/gift cards or handmade gifts/drawings/notes from my junior high students. I’ve kept all the drawings and notes I’ve been given!

  • Jessica Peresta

    This is a great idea! I love the simplicity of it, but as a former teacher this is something I would really love!

  • Always looking for great, new ideas! Thanks!

  • Ohbeehave

    That is really sweet! I love that he wanted to hand make something for his teacher 🙂

  • Francesca D’Onofrio

    These are both such sweet ideas!

  • Corey Wheeland

    Love these ideas, especially the flower pot! 🙂

  • Priscilla Barton

    the cutest gift card holder ever! great idea!

  • Carrie Ostergard

    Great ideas and love the petunias. 🙂

  • Rachel @ It’s A Hero

    These are super cute ideas!

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    These are such cute ideas! Im sure the teachers will love them!

  • tabithablue

    Cute ideas! I actually forgot about Teacher appreciation week until this morning!

  • I love these ideas! I was just thinking that I need to get on it for my kids’ teachers!

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