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The BEST Makeup for Dry Skin

It’s been a hot sec since I’ve talked about makeup on here! Honestly, it’s been a bit since I’ve really gotten all that excited about makeup for a couple of reasons:

  1. I have a newborn. Duh. I hang out with him the most, and he could careless how fab I’m looking. I bring the boobies – he’s happy.
  2. SAHM life doesn’t offer me much in terms of getting too fancy each day. Is it weird that I miss working because I miss having to get ready? Just me? haha!
  3. I moved to Colorado from Florida… and my skin FREAKED out. 

I am now a harborer of severely dry skin. YOU GUYS I never even knew I had dry skin… because Florida – nothing is dry there. But my skin was totally normal there. Like I had no skincare routine. I washed my face and left it alone…because apparently Florida is a dry skin havers paradise.

The BEST Makeup for Dry Skin

Fast forward to Colorado… my skin and I are still trying to figure this ish out. I have spent a small fortune on moisturizers and skin care. I’m still working on finding a rhythm as far as that goes. I’ll get back to you. But I’ve pretty much had to switch up everything about the makeup that I use. Also, I’m way more pale than the Florida sun had ever allowed… so I was in the market for some new foundation anyway.


As far as foundation, I no longer reach for anything mattifying. Back home, there were a few matte foundations that I really enjoyed but here they just accentuate the dryness. This has led me to

  1. L’oreal TruMatch Lumi// Seriously LOVE how this stuff makes my skin look! I have the regular one in the jar with a pump and the one that is a “cushion.” Although, I’m honestly not sure what all that cushion hype was about. Stick to the regular one, IMO.
  2. ELF Moisturizing Stick Foundation// I loved this in Florida and I still love it here. It’s my favorite “5 minute makeup” foundation because I don’t have to get any foundation on my hands. I don’t necessarily opt for it when I take the time to look real fancy, but for quick and on the go, I’m all about it because it doesn’t freak out my new alligator skin.
  3. It Cosmetics CC Cream// This stuff is what busy, overtired mom dreams are made of. Works and functions like a moisturizer but with great coverage. Pump it out and slather it on with your hands. Boom. Done.


  1. Maybelline Master Conceal// I have heard people talk about this stuff for years and never tried it! Honestly, I think it’s because I think the packaging is ugly and I’m a sucker for good marketing. But when I flew home to Florida in February I used my sister’s and was so surprised by how much I liked it! Being so dry really accentuates fine lines (like under my eyes) and being having a newborn makes me look really tired (like under my eyes.) This stuff is awesome for hiding my dark circles and not creasing. GET YOU SOME!
  2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer// No surprise here. I feel like everyone loves this stuff. On the days that I do quick and light makeup, I feel that the Master Conceal is too heavy. So I opt for this stuff. Tried and true, never fails.

The BEST Makeup for Dry Skin


  1. Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette// I’m obsessed with this thing. Easily one of the best high end purchases I’ve ever made. I’m almost out of the shades that I use the most and I will 100% be repurchasing it. I knew I loved it back home but now I know that the buttery texture of the powders works on my super dry skin too.
  2. Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder // I know I said that I don’t like anything matte anymore, but I still use this under my eyes to set my concealer. Back home I used it all over my face. It’s like $5 and I have gone through at least 3 of them. I never go without this stuff.

City Park and Winter Styles

I even wore this stuff during the super dry winter months


  1. Colour Pop Super Shock Highlighter// These babies are only $8 and I’m obsessed. My dry skin has be craving allllll the dewiness I can get and I seriously love these. Lunch Money is my current fav.
  2. Benefit Watts Up// Because this product is a creme I feel like it’s pretty obvious that I would prefer it to a powder highlight. This one is both natural (as natural as highlighter can look) while still being pretty high impact. love.

Lips// and yes, my lips are hella chap too!

  1. Too Faced Melted// I love this whole line from Too Faced. The lipstick, the metals, and even the matte. The mattes are not so drying that they flake off – so they’re pretty much my favorite liquid lipstick to reach for these days.
  2. Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick// I LOVE these things. To me, they feel like chapstick with the color pay off of lipstick. My fav is Nude Beach.
  3. Buxom Lip Gloss// Seriously LOVE this stuff. Josh bought me one of the holiday sets where I got like 12 different shades in 3 different finishes and I LOVE them all. By themselves, on top of lipstick, everything. My favorites are White Russian and Dolly (because my Grandma’s name is Dolly.) 😉

I’ve linked all of my favs here too for you to check out!

So this is what has been working for me so far since moving from one of the most humid states to one of the least! It’s not a perfect system yet, but definitely working better for me than what I used to use on my “normal” skin. There’s also a million other products I’m dying to try. Hardcore eyeing that Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation. the BEST Makeup for Dry Skin

If you have any good dry skin recs drop them in the comments below, ya girl needs ALL the help she can get!


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  • Ooo! I definitely need to try some of your tips out, especially those foundations! I am always having trouble with dryness, it’s to the point where my skin is sooo flaky! 🙁

    xo, Chloe //

  • I totally agree that the CC cream by IT is amazing for dry skin! In fact, it’s one of my fav foundations of all times!

  • Thanks for sharing all of these products! I have dry skin, so these are super helpful 🙂

    Kristen |

  • Jamie Fuller

    Love all your suggestions. I have combo skin and it can be so hard to find things that work! I love covergirl concealer though- I swear it works better than the really expensive high end stuff!

    • really?! I haven’t found a CoverGirl one. that I love yet! What kind do you use?

      • It’s called truBLEND and it comes in a stick not a liquid. I moisturize twice under my eye before I apply it (regular face cream and then eye cream). And, again, I have combo skin so I’m not sure how it would work but the color is perfect and it goes on well and doesn’t make me look too pale or too orange.

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