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A Valentine for Mom

Can you believe it? New Years is already over a month behind us…chances are your resolutions are long since forgotten. The true gym rats have the place to themselves again. 😉 And that means that the season of love is upon us again! It’s already coming up on Valentine’s Day. Now, there was a time that I craved the finer things in life. But, I’m 3 kids deep in this life and my tastes have changed. At least for now.

During this particular season of life my budget is tight, my days are long, and most of my friends live thousands of miles away. I know that many find themselves in various situations but with a similar sentiment; broke, exhausted, and lonely.

Now I’ve thought long and hard about a Valentine’s wishlist that is both realistic and ideal for women like me. We just want to feel pretty, appreciated, rested, and inspired. For like, one whole day. #goals

A Valentine for Mom


Tell Me I’m Pretty…

If you follow me over on the ‘gram (you should) you know that I have actually been trying to keep these fingernails of mine painted for literally the first time in my life. I am l-o-v-e-ing Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish. Longest lasting polish mah fingers have ever seen. And mom life is hard on some nails. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than it’s Essie counterpart. Polish that can last 5+ days on my hands without chipping is some serious stuff.

Then, Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick. Oh em gee. So late to this party…but so glad I came. There was a limited edition color for Christmas called Candy Cane that I bought…and I was hooked! I went back for a few more colors right away. If you like a liquid lipstick I love these. I have tried many that are super dry and pretty uncomfortable to wear. These are about as comfortable as a super matte lip gets. (Also, Candy Cane tastes like peppermint and it’s awesome.)

Another favorite from Christmas; my Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics. Urban Decay is pretty much always amazing, but this palette is all matte, all natural wearable shades. Perfect for me these days as I’m back on my I have a newborn baby swag. Meaning most of the time I don’t have time for no fancy eyeshadow.

Also Buxom lip glosses are awesome. They’re not new products either…but I’m totally loving them lately!

Show Me You Appreciate Me…

Do the dishes. Seriously, just do them. Or vacuum, or fold some laundry. Lend a hand in any of my domestic duties and I will be grateful. (Cost: zilch.)

Massages are always welcome. I mean, pregnancy, child birth, and carrying heavy children around for the past 6+ years has probably rendered a chiropractor necessary, but a massage is good too.

If You Love Me Let Me Sleep…

I haven’t slept through the night in months. Nothing makes me happier than when hubby gets up and takes our oldest to school so that I can stay and sleep while Grey is asleep.

Make dinner. Even if we just stay home, making dinner is always a sweet gesture.

OR a cute coffee mug. Nothing says “I love you” quite like “I made you coffee.” And seriously, they make the cutest coffee mugs these days!! And who doesn’t love coffee??

Inspire Me…

A Valentine for Mom

Motherhood is hard. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you’re a regular old person underneath all of the breastmilk and yoga pants. Ya know… with your own interests and strengths. I find that doing things to recall this part of me really helps balance out my mom crazy. For this process I recommend…

This year I have a goal to read as many of the “classics” as possible. Be them literary greats, political theories, or cult classics; I’m looking to really broaden my personal library.

I’m currently loving; Animal Farm and 1984. (Because Orwellian novels are suddenly very necessary reads. Every bookstore in town AND Amazon were sold out of 1984. Crazy.)

I’m always loving; the Harry Potter Series, The Great Gatsby, and the Charlaine Harris series (TrueBlood was based on this series.)

So I while I would enjoy a Valentine’s Day filled with flowers, diamonds, and chocolate… I would love one filled sleep, leisure, a dinner that I didn’t make all by myself, or a more realistic gift even better.

What would make you feel pretty, loved, appreciated, or inspired this Valentine’s Day, momma?


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  • Neely

    Yes sleep! Having a new baby next week and I haven’t slept in months. Clearly I wont be for a while!

  • HonestlyMotherhood

    Do the dishes! Yes please! Great post 🙂

  • Rachel Loza

    Sleep, cleaning, and folding laundry. THOSE are the ways to my heart! haha!

  • JeeYoung

    Yes yes yes!!! Love everything on this list, sounds like best way to be shown love!

  • Tessa kirby

    Yes! I love all of these! I have recently become addicted to the Sally Hansen gel nail polish too! Complete game changer!

  • Nicole Banuelos

    Great suggestions!! I would love to go get my hair done, alone! Haha

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