Overpackers Anonymous | Tips for Packing for Your Next Weekend Getaway

Like so many people, I love to travel. I even like airports. And who the heck likes airports?! I love the hustle and bustle inside them, and the fact that there is like a million coffeeshops down every concourse (at least in American airports. ha!) I have a giant bright blue suitcase that makes me excited and I check google flight prices to random places throughout the world all the time. This is getting weird…you get the point. 😉

Tips for Packing for your Next Weekend Getaway!

BUT sometimes my GIANT suitcase is not a suitable option. For example when flying on Spirit Airlines where they charge you half of what you paid for your entire flight just to check a bag… So, for my birthday this year I scored round trip tickets to Chicago for $78. Why would one NOT go to Chicago for the weekend for $78?! I only spent 3 days there… and I practically feel an oncoming breakout of hives just thinking about bringing only a carryon bag on a trip. I have a hard time keeping it under the 50lb weight limit on most “real” trips. It’s something I’m working on guys…don’t judge me!

I successfully survived my weekend trip with only a bag that adhered to Spirit’s carryon standards. It wasn’t even that painful, I promise. 😉

Here are some tips that I have to offer on lightweight traveling. From one over-packer to another. 😉

1. Versatile Shoes

Shoes are easily one of the bulkiest things to end up in your bag. I now hail from the land of palm trees where flip flops reign supreme year round, but this is certainly not the case for my motherland… Chicago. I bring hoodies when I visit Chi in July.

Tips for Packing for your Next Weekend Getaway!
I opted for white Converse. They are not sandals, and yet…they go with everything. I fought the urge to bring the booties. Hard. If there is moderately cool weather, I’m wearing booties…and I had to leave them behind. :'(
Then, I brought one pair of heels. I went with my bff… We were gonna go out one night. I probably could have made the Converse work. But I narrowed things down to two pairs of shoes people. One of which I wore on the plane, let’s not push it.

2. Roll

The other bulkiest thing to go in your carryon? Jeans. Also optional in Florida… but definitely not in Chicago. Rolling your jeans saves major space. I don’t know why it is so much better than folding them flat on the bottom…but it is. Science.

Tips for Packing for your Next Weekend Getaway!

3. Bare Necessities

Sometimes the smallest items are the most difficult to limit. I had leftover tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles from our trip to Georgia earlier this year. Also, I washed and straightened my hair right before I left. Then, I did the most terrifying thing of all… I left my straightener behind in favor of a bottle of dry shampoo. I know, I know. So brave. I go three days without washing my hair all the time, plus Illinois is majorly dry compared to Florida practically eliminating any oil on my body/hair whatsoever but…this still felt majorly weird. Since chopping all of my hair off thusly removing the messy bun from my hair arsenal, I don’t feel dressed unless this mop is styled.

Tips for Packing for your Next Weekend Getaway!

For makeup I would opt for a good neutral palette with staying power. I brought my UD Gwen Stefani palette and got compliments on eyeshadow that was over 12 hours old. haha! Seriously though, I was busy that weekend. Ain’t nobody got time to redo their makeup on vacation. And when you’re visiting for only a long weekend, all of your days are over 12 hours. 😛
Also, my Naked Flushed palette is my absolute fav for traveling; blush, bronzer, and highlight in one tiny package!

4. Neutral Colors

Tips for Packing for your Next Weekend Getaway!

And I don’t just mean your makeup. I packed alllll neutral colors that weekend. Even the green shirt that I packed for St Patricks Day was a pale minty shade. haha. That way either my brown jacket or my gray sweater would match everything that I brought. Also, my white Converse or my black heels. Even one of my two pairs of jeans were black. Like my soul. 😉

Despite all of my anxiety over leaving behind my booties and my straightener, I had a great trip. I honestly didn’t feel like I was missing anything, other than about 25lbs of suitcase that I wouldn’t have needed. 🙂

Are you an overpacker too? It’s okay, girl…the first step is admitting that you have a problem. 😉



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  • thanks for this! I’m going to New Orleans in the fall and I’m notorious for over packing lol.

  • Nice tips!! Heading out of town in a few weeks and I ALWAYS overpack

  • I’m a terrible packer!! No matter what I do I always over pack.

  • I find it’s the small things (such as toiletries) that get me every time!

  • I’m a terrible packer!! Trying to get better, though makeup wise, I’m a mascara and lipstick only girl haha!! Rolling is my favorite way of packing, which is probably why I overpack!!

  • You like airports? That is a little on the strange side… 😛 Granted, the Singapore Airport is pretty incredible and so is Haneda Airport in Tokyo. We almost always fly budget carriers and so, do not ever pay for check-in luggage. I just went on an 8 night trip to Japan with a carry-on–that take some dedication…and also, a little hope that they won’t actually weigh my carry-on because our budget carrier technically has a 7 kilo weight limit for cabin luggage. 😛

  • These are some absolutely wonderful tips! I’m such an overpacker and look for all the help I can get! <3

  • I have always loved airports too, since I was little! I also used to love airplane food, but now that they’ve changed the food quite a bit, I only like food on certain international airlines. These are great packing tips! I fly a lot and usually only fly with a carry on unless I’m flying overseas for a few weeks with the hubby & kids, and I use a lot of these tips too. Happy travels!

  • Story of my life haha. Shoes are my weakness – my ‘shoe’ bag always ends up way bigger than my ‘everything else’ bag. So unnecessary haha. I need to save this post – I’m actually going in a weekend getaway next month.

    Christie’s Take on Life. x

  • Great packing tips! I like to do a few trial runs for my makeup to see what I really need that way I can just eliminate all the products I know I wont use.

  • Great tips! I am a chronic overpacker and I always regret it! Love the rolled jeans tips- why have I never tried that?!

  • I am such an over packer! I don’t know if I could do it! I love all your tips though, so if I went on a 3 day trip I could def keep these in mind.

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