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Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush Maternity + GIVEAWAY!!!

**Items in this post were sent to me c/o Pink Blush Maternity. As always, all reviews and opinions are my own.**

Make sure you check the bottom of the post for GIVEAWAY details! 

I have mentioned a time or two over on my Instagram  that I am ALL about dresses this pregnancy. Florida is hot, like sooooo hot, and I am therefore a proud member of #teamnopants and maternity dresses. I legit have ONE pair of nonwork pants that I will wear because I’m also getting to the #teamnoshaving part of pregnancy (don’t act like you don’t know!) Except for when I can talk my husband into doing it for me. haha! 101 days until my due date, friends. 101. 

Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!

I was never one to enjoy maternity clothes during my previous pregnancies. I know that I have mentioned in previous posts that, I am not a woman who loves pregnancy. I wore my regular jeans with a “belly band” but there really is a point where they just don’t fit your new awkward shape correctly anymore. NOT THIS TIME! I have vowed to appreciate my last pregnancy, and that includes cute maternity clothes, and I am loving this dress that Pink Blush Maternity sent to me!!

Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!

Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!


Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!I loveeee that it doesn’t look like a maternity dress. So many of their styles can be worn after pregnancy too. It’s made of a stretchy material to accommodate your growing belly instead of being made with bunchy side seams or lots of extra material in the middle. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be wearing this postpartum. They have many nursing friendly options as well!

I went for a piece that I felt I could really transition from summer to fall (because I like to pretend that Southwest Florida actually gets a Fall.) I could easily pair it with some booties (UMM my favorite) that would probably hide my new pregnant girl sausage feet better than these adorbs sandals do. 😉

Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!


Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!I am so excited to add this to my maternity dress collection, at this rate, I may never have to wear pants again. 😉

Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!

And this is what it really looks like when I try to take cute photos of my outfits….
Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!Dress Your Bump with Pink Blush + Giveaway!

Wherever I go…My little ducklings do follow. <3

But I seriously love this maternity dress guys. And that’s coming from a well established maternity clothes hater. It has helped me to appreciate a season of life that I have a really hard time enjoying. I definitely love babies and all that goes with them, but I am equally resentful of the process it requires to get there. Adorable comfy outfits make it just a little bit better. 🙂

They also make plenty of non-maternity options as well!


Pink Blush has been kind enough to offer a $75 Gift Card to a lucky fromJtoZ reader!!! So I am hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram account!!! @fromjtoz

I would LOVE if you popped over and entered! My feed is always full of cute kids, style, makeup, and other goodness. CONTEST RUNS THROUGH AUGUST 15TH!<3




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  • Celeste Wright

    Oh I love this dress! Perfect for summer. Your little’s are darling.

    • Thank you, my littles are the light of my life. And the dress is wonderful for summer!

  • Lynnie

    You are glowing! And the kids are growing up so fast! Wish that they would have had clothes like
    that when I was pregnant!!

    • Thanks Lynn! Maternity clothes have come a long way lately, even since I had Jace!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    You are absolutely beautiful! I am always on the lookout for cute dresses that make me feel like I can take on the world. This dress would definitely do the trick! I must admit I get discouraged from time to time with my pregnancy clothes because I feel like all I have are t-shirts and shorts, not the most energizing attire for a pregnant lady.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Its so great when you can actually find CUTE maternity clothes!

  • I have a PinkBlush dress from my last pregnancy that I wear all the time! I love that their dresses work so well postpartum! This dress looks absolutely amazing on you, by the way!

    • Right?! I am so excited that I will still be able to wear it after I have the baby! and thanks girl!

  • Such a cute dress! Love the print.

    Alix |

  • Gorgeous mama! Love this color on you!

  • Greta Hollar

    Such a sweet bump! You look beautiful!

    Greta |

  • You look so great! Congrats! Thanks for stopping by my blog over at Fresh Fit Florida…I love your blog it’s so cute!

  • Kristen Lawler

    I love pink blush! I wore one of their dresses to my baby shower last year. You look gorgeous mama!

    • I am loving them too! And thank you. I am ALL about the maternity dresses!

  • Lisa

    Super cute dress!

  • You look just gorgeous! Love that dress on you!

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