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Bumpdate: 20 Weeks (Hallelujah Coffee!)

20 Weeks Bumpdate

I know that I mentioned briefly in my last post, how terribly sick I was this pregnancy. Like, my new boss hates me, my kids often ask if I need a doctor, and my husband doesn’t even blink away from his tv show when I run to vomit…kind of sick. Worst of all my ailments though…was a new found aversion to coffee, otherwise known as my lifeblood.

Finally finally finally… I was able to drink some this week. When I noticed that the smell didn’t make my stomach turn, I gave it a try right away. If it were to make me sick…well, I’m a Class A Spewer by now anyway. BUT the universe and I are apparently turning over a new leaf…I can stomach about a coffee cup and a half of coffee (I used to drink almost the whole pot.) Or a “tall” at Starbucks, which almost physically pains me as it only costs about $1 more for twice as much. Am I the only one driven bonkers by such madness?

Well now that we got that little spasm of excitement out of the way…

20 Weeks Bumpdate

How I Am Feeling:

Seriously I can basically just sum it up as; better. I spent the last 3-4 months in a fog of fatigue and nausea, I was legitimately concerned that something was wrong because I felt so terrible. I’ve also had some complications this time around, making me mega paranoid all the time. Doctors assure me that it’s normal, but I’m no rookie at this pregnancy thing and I can tell you that it has never been normal for me. Thank God for that. If my first pregnancy had been like this one…it would have been my only one. (I say that like I planned my first pregnancies. HA!)
I’m also basically dying from hip pain. Because obviously I’m 80 years old. I need to get some tips from my yoga expert friends, I legitimately hobble around worse than my grandfather after sitting for too long.

What I am Eating:

Seriously, give me all the cereal. Particularly Cinnamon Life.
I usually do not even BUY cereal, rarely even for my kiddos. But for now…it’s basically all I want to eat. My kids are thoroughly enjoying this phase, they will be mad when it’s back to eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. haha! I craved cereal when I was pregnant with Jace as well. Sigh. (At least with Zo girl I craved caesar salad and pears.)
…and now I have gotten a bowl of cereal. #dontjudgeme

How is Baby?

Good, as far as we know. And we should know more on the 7th when I go for an ultrasound. What I do know is that he/she moves a lot, more than I remember my other two moving. Mostly when I’m laying down. I measure correctly so baby is growing as it should as well.
20 Weeks BumpdateThese are her “skatin’ socks.” AKA She slides around the house in them. These are also her “I fell asleep in my underwear” jammies. 😉

How are the Big Babies Handling Things?

They are oddly excited. Or maybe it isn’t odd, I don’t know. Jace was still a toddler when I was pregnant with Zoey, I’ve never had to explain to small children what was happening before. Zoey calls it “our baby” and wants a girl, and for us to name her Cinderella. She supposes she might love it if it’s a boy…maybe. Jace on the other hand, gets quite irritated when you suggest that it might be a girl. He wants a “brudder” he “already has a sister” and he’ll hear nothing else on the matter. He’s going to be pissed if we bring home a girl. hahaha!
20 Weeks Bumpdate

Also, thus far, I have prepared zero for this baby. One good thing about not knowing the gender… we can’t really buy anything. Turns out waiting is a great money saving tactic. I have a lot of stuff left over from my older kids (wut? that’s weird to say) so I don’t really have to buy much. I’ll probably replace a few things that I didn’t keep after Zoey, but I have boxes of baby clothes that I saved from each of them. I always knew that I wanted three kids, so my attic is stuffed.

Anyways, Baby Three is no joke. I was probably half this size at 20 weeks with Jace. Here’s to a lifetime of chiropractor appointments. 😉





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  • YAY! Glad you are doing well and that all your babies are also doing well! I don’t eat cereal either but I can probably see myself craving it when it’s my time. Lol

  • O no! I haven’t experience pregnancy, but I sure hope I don’t get super morning sickness. You mother’s are so strong!

  • Awe. I totally remember that terribly sick pregnancy phase. I threw up everywhere and everything. All I wanted to eat was bagels and cream cheese. You look super cute, and I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailing for you.

  • You really should try out some prenatal yoga! I did it through all three of my pregnancies, even my twins, and it helped so much. You are looking great mama!

  • You’re looking gorgeous! I literally laughed out loud when you mentioned your cereal craving. Isn’t it so strange the things our bodies want sometimes!! 🙂

  • You look gorgeous!

  • Congrats on 20 weeks! I’m currently at the 27 week mark about to be 28 weeks!! So sorry to hear you were so sick up until now. I’ve not been sick from the smell of coffee but I’ve definitely not been that interested in it and well I used to drink double lattes daily. I love how your kids are handling the new addition coming soon. I can’t imagine not finding out the gender but I can see how it would save you so much money. I’m having a hard time not buying everything for our baby boy! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Looking good mama!
    xo, Laura
    Have Need Want |

  • Oh man, I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick! I was nauseous all of the time during my first trimester but never got sick. I work in a coffee shop so I was rather concerned the smell would get to me but thankfully it never did. Hopefully, you’ll continue to fee better and be able to have a small cup!

  • You look so cute! I loved cereal when I was preggo too!

  • Kabrina Budwell

    I’m glad your kids are excited! My munchkin was excited until the baby came and then she lost it. haha. 🙂 I understand the coffee aversion, I drank it way too much at the hospital after baby was born a few weeks ago because I missed it so much! The room service staff knew me as the coffee lady!

  • The Belly Rules The Mind

    Glad you are feeling better. It’s great that your kids are excited about it too. Get as much rest as you can.

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