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One, Two, Three…(a super exciting announcement!)

Life has been busy these past few months! I finally, finally, FINALLY! graduated and now have my bachelors degree in political science. The feeling of wholeness and accomplishment is unlike anything else in my life. I have never fought so tirelessly (who am I kidding, it was the most exhausting thing ever) towards anything in my life. I am still contemplating grad or law school, but I can’t make up my mind and both options are expensive so I’m going to take some time to think about it.

VPK Grad

VPK Grad

The babes are growing like weeds. Jace graduated from VPK (yes I cried) but so did Josh so it’s okay. 😉 I am LOVING summer, during which I don’t have to get up at 730 everyday to get him ready for school. It’s also my first summer without taking a full course load and I don’t even know what to do with all of the free time (AKA catching up on Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Once Upon a Time etc etc.) Zoey is bummed that she doesn’t get to start school in the fall because she missed the cut off, but I’m secretly not mad at all. 😉

She is delighted however to announce…that she will become a big sister this November, shortly after turning 4.


Josh and I are thrilled. This is literally the only pregnancy that I didn’t cry in agony as soon as a found out. lol. I knew I wanted one more, and honestly…I almost wish that I hadn’t waited quite so long. I love how close Jace and Zoey and are and I hope this little one isn’t left out of their close bond.

We have decided (and by we I mean I) not to find out the gender of this baby. 😀 It makes the whole thing even more exciting. True surprises as a grown up are far and few between, and this might make birth even more fun (ha.)

I am actually already about halfway through this pregnancy (19 weeks.) Many of you already knew about it, and why I have so waited so long to tell. But it’s officially impossible to hide at this point. This is my first complicated pregnancy. I was lucky the other times, basically dodging all symptoms and complications so I guess a difficult one was bound to crop up. ha! Honestly, I’m still nervous about how things might turn out, but we’ve gotten this far and so far all is well.

Since about March, I have been more sick, bitchy, and exhausted than EVER in my life. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve tossed my cookies. Pretty much 2-3x a day for about 3 months. I can now say that I have fought my 5 year old for potty access, basically body checking him as we raced there. Not my proudest moment, but hey… it’s easier to change his wet pants than to clean up an entire meal making a second appearance. Just kidding… he didn’t even pee his pants. He just looked at me and said “Ew gross, I’m telling dad.” #thanksdude

But I am happy to report that I have been feeling better these past few weeks! No more deathly nausea or falling asleep in strange places. And I can finally be happy about the only pregnancy that we’re experiencing on purpose! WOO!

I suppose I will have to change the name of my little ol’ blog now as well. It would just feel weird to name it after 2 of my children and not include the other. I’ll hear whatever suggestions you have, I’m sort of attached to the name it has, so it will be hard to part with! lol.

Pregnancy Announcement



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  • Congratulations Amanda on both finishing and the pregnancy! A tip I can give you.. I don’t know if moving to Germany is still an option for you all, but if it is you can do grad school over here for cheaper (almost free)!

    • Thank you! and OMG I would love love love to move there still! I think about it everyday, but the immigration process is SO intimidating (especially since I would be moving with a family and would require more than a student visa.) Grad school was my original reason for even considering Germany, and when I visited I just love it there. Please send any tips that you have my way, it’s definitely still a dream of ours!

      • look into a scholarship, that would help and then you would just need a student visa and your husband&kids just get a “partner” type visa. that’s what we did.

  • Awe. I love that picture! congrats on graduating and to your little boy too. He is adorable. Hope your pregnancy continues to get better and better.

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