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Hello again!

It’s been another crazy week for me! Midterms are a real damper on the social life. Just kidding… I barely have time for a social life anyway. BUT I have decided to MAKE Zoey’s Halloween costume this year and we have to do a cute Fall craft for her school this weekend, so I’m excited to catch a break and do that!

THIS week I skipped one of my classes (gasp!) and went to the beach with Josh on his day off. #noregrets. We are lucky enough to live 30 minutes away from one of the “best beaches in the country.”So of course we were witness to many of the new bathing suit trends while we were there, including the high waisted bottoms trend. Josh is NOT a fan. I personally, think certain women pull it off really well, but Josh will not even entertain the idea that someone could look good in anything high waisted.


Stemming from his general dislike of high waisted things is his dislike for… The Romper.

Trends Your Man Hates - The Romper

He calls them “onesies.” Yes, like the little outfit you put on babies. He thinks that that is what they look like. It’s really funny to try and watch him describe why he doesn’t like them. “They’re just not grown up clothes!”

Trends Your Man Hates - The Romper

So of course I bought one. Scored this guy from Charlotte Russe on sale for $10! (Similar here) You are literally witnessing my first time ever wearing one…I don’t feel like a giant baby?

Trends Your Man Hates - The Romper

Trends Your Man Hates - The Romper

I even kind of felt like it was a good option for “Fall in Florida” fashion. Looks Fall-ish, still shorts. #win.

Trends Your Man Hates - The Romper

I feel like it’s worth mentioning that I also picked up these shoes for $10. Because, as I’ve said before, the retail world apparently doesn’t know that we wear sandals YEAR ROUND in SWFL.

Trend Your Man Hates - The Romper

Trend Your Man Hates - The Romper

Jewelry (that I’m looooooving!) Also from Charlotte Russe. Five dolla. Resting Bitch Face, always free. I can’t help it guys, it’s just my face.

Trend Your Man Hates - The Romper

I don’t know. I think hubby will disappointed that I kind of like it. I felt dressed up and it required pretty much zero effort.

Trend Your Man Hates - The Romper

What do you guys think? Is the romper a hit or miss trend? Hubby says he’s still not a fan, I might have to differ.

This week I’ve linked up with a few other bloggers to discuss Trends Your Man Hates… but by no means does this mean that WE dislike these trends. 😉 (I’m keeping the romper!) Make sure you stop by their blogs and see which trends THEIR men are hating. Boys are weird.

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  • HAHAHA! I LOVE the way this turned out, Amanda!! Btw, you are totally ROCKING that romper. You look beautiful!!

    • thank you! I am SO sorry your man hates lipstick, thats a bummer. I love lipstick! haha!

      • hahaha, I do too! We’ve found a happy medium though. lol. I can use an excuse to get liquid lipsticks haha

  • Girl, you are rocking that romper! I feel like it’s all about finding the right romper, especially for your body type. i’m a shortie so I would need one like yours that makes my legs look long! You look so cute!

    • Thank you! And thanks for the post inspiration, it was fun! I think the heels do more for my legs than the romper, honestly. haha! Ive heard women who are shorter than I say that pointed toe heels elongate your legs a lot. Maybe try that!

  • This is so funny! My husband calls rompers onesies too! But I personally love the look on you! Super cute.

    Best Wishes,
    Allison Jones

    • Thanks! I didn’t think I would like it has much as I do. Calling them onesies is totally fair though, they are. haha!

  • Your man may hate it, but I think it looks adorable on you! I can’t pull them off (ever), but my best friend has about 100 floral rompers that look amazing on her (jealous!)

  • You are rockin’ that romper! And I have to say I’m a little jealous because if I could wear sandals year round I definitely would!

  • Love that romper! I have seen some rompers that do look like onesies though…

  • You rock this romper hardcore! Like better than anyone I’ve ever seen 🙂 I haven’t bought one because my torso is really long and I can’t find one that fits right. Also because they are really hard to go to the bathroom in! lol

    • oh wow, thank you! I am on the taller side of average, but I won’t lie, this thing totally gives me a wedgie because its not long enough for me. haha! Not unbearably so, but wedgie no less! And omg, I didn’t wear it long enough to need to use the bathroom, but you’re totally right, the bathroom would be a nightmare!

  • I have never given much thought to the romper, as I don’t believe that I could pull it off. You however, are beautiful & that romper looks fabulous on you!

  • GIRL, this looks great!!! (Although I may be biased, considering I am literally wearing a romper as we speak) but still – I dig it! 🙂

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