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Painting with Science, Kid’s Craft

It’s been crazy this semester. Driving to Fort Myers 5 days a week (as opposed to my usual 2) is every bit as brutal as I thought it would be. My life used to be so neatly compartmentalized, each role that I play reserved for a specific day. On Mondays I stayed home with the kids all day and went to work at night, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I was a college student all day etc…NOW I find myself sometimes doing all three things in one day. It’s weird, and overwhelming. I must say that I much preferred it the other way, I don’t know why compartmentalization made things so much easier for me, but it definitely did.

Of course I feel most guilty where this crazy life schedule takes away from time with my kiddos. Jace starting VPK this year adds a-whole-nother layer to this dynamic. So when I DO get to hang out with Jace and Zo, I try to do something fun!

When we all had yucky colds a few weeks ago, I spent like 4 days at home, but definitely not doing anything fun with the kids. So one of the days I decided to put together a little Pinterest inspired “craft” for them, to break the monotony of naps and cartoons.

Kid Crafts Painting with Science

This one is easy peasy, folks. All you need is

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Food Coloring
  4. Paper plates/spoons/straws/ anything of your choice, really!

I made up 4 different bowls of colored vinegar, think Easter eggs. 

Painting with Science Kid Crafts

Then I coated the paper plates with a layer of Baking Soda, think Scarface. 😉

Painting with Science Kid Crafts

We all know what happens when you mix Baking Soda and vinegar, yes?

Painting with Science Kid Crafts

It fizzles and sizzles. AKA two year old magic. 

Painting with Science Kid Craft

Painting with Science Kid Crafts

They used straws and spoons, but mostly spoons once they realized that the more vinegar they applied, the more bubbles they were rewarded with. haha. But they were initially very intrigued that they could keep liquid in the straw by keeping their finger plugged over the top hole. Yay, Science!

Painting with Science

Painting with Science

Painting with Science

It was a great little activity to get them to forget about being sick for a while. They soaked through 4 plates each before I finally had to cut them off. haha!

Kid Crafts Painting with Science

Soaked plated.^

The kids and I really enjoyed this one, and it is super easy and can be done with things that you likely already have around the house. It even has some educational value. These are the best kinds of crafts, am I right moms? 😉




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  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    How fun! Gotta love that combo of baking soda and vinegar!

  • Integrated Learning Strategies

    This is so awesome! We have so many kids at our center that struggle with sensory issues and this activity would be perfect for them. I love how it is a science art project mixed with all the different textures and fizz. It will be perfect for our center. Thank you for sharing!

    • Aw wow! I’m glad to hear it! I know that my kids loved it, we will definitely be doing it again. I hope it is a hit at your center as well. Thanks for reading! 😀

  • My kiddos and I are totally doing this soon. Love doing stuff like this with my kids since my eldest does struggle with sensory issues (he is a sensational child.). This is perfect!

    • My son had a hard time with some sensory stuff when he was smaller too! He’s outgrown MOST of his quirks but definitely not all of them (hair cuts are still the stuff of nightmares!) This was definitely a great project for them both. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • That looks fun! My kids would love this!

  • shopannies

    this looks like such a great and fun idea our little ones would love it

  • Daileo Paleo

    My son would love this!!! I’ll just have to put a giant plastic bag under him, hahah! Pinning this!

    • Thank you! We just made sure to do it over the tile. haha! IT was much less messy than I expected too. You should definitely give it a try!

  • Serene Mom

    This looks like so much fun! My kids love anything to do with baking soda and vinegar, so I know this will be a hit.

    • It was fun, and super easy, I hope you guys try it! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Shann Eva

    So cool! I love this….and my boys would really love this. Thank you for sharing. We’re definitely going to be doing this. Pinned!

    • Thank you! I hope you guys try it, it was a fun little project! We’ll definitely be doing it again. 🙂

  • A great sensory project! This would be a fun activity for preschool and Kindergarten and they could learn about action and reaction processes.

    • Yes! Thank you. I love how fun little crafts are so good for little ones!

  • I’m totally going to do this with my toddler! She’s going to make the biggest mess, but she’s going to have a blast–and that’s what really counts. Right?! 😀

    • right! Honestly it totally wasnt as messy as it looks, and my daughter is just shy of 3. They loved it though! Thanks for reading.

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