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DIY Cool Whip Paint

SOOO it’s been hot lately, yeah? 😉

Yay Florida summers, sunny and beautiful all morning while I’m at work… pouring rain all afternoon when the kids and I should be at the beach. -_-

Oh well. Such is life. It’s been so hot lately that the kids ASK to come back inside after about 20 minutes if we go out before evening. Haha! That’s when you know it’s serious.

We keep keep it real in the kiddie pool, but Jace is getting pretty big for it these days, and it left me pondering about other things we could do outside this summer.


My 2 year old also still tends to taste things that she shouldn’t on occasion. So my little invention is also NON toxic. That’s right, crazy baby approved.


Now, you might need a notebook to jot down the instructions… it was science.

You put the food coloring IN the cool whip, you stir it up…


and you throw a handful of it at your child.


I promise… there’s a good chance they’ll skip right past being offended and move right on to thinking it’s Christmas.


Or some kind of magical Thanksgiving-like holiday in Zoey’s case. I took so many pictures… and had a really hard time finding a couple in which she wasn’t EATING the paint. hahaha


Jace was just pretty stoked that I was letting him throw food. I love watching how intrigued kids are when they touch something they never have before or feel new textures. Cool whip is kind of unique as far as how it feels when you squish it… always cool to witness discovery in action.


Don’y worry mommas. I used just enough food coloring to dye the cool whip a couple different colors, nothing was stained, it all rinsed right off in the pool.


Honestly, I was even prepared for some kind of staining action….but I was let down. 😉

I even let them throw paint at me… talk about Christmas morning style excitement .;)

How about you? Make anything fun this summer?


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  • Oh my goodness, how fun is that! I think we may have to try it. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, how fun is that! I think we may have to try it. 🙂

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