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Hey Lovelies! I’ve missed you.

It’s currently a very stormy situation in Florida, complete with 2 kids that are cooped up inside due to inclement weather and then a TV that won’t stop flickering. Good times, baby mommas, good times. 😉

My Spring semester ended last month and I was given a 2 week break before diving head fist into my Summer semester. So I stopped by my local Goodwill (as one does, yes?) in search of a project or two. I have an overambitious side when it comes to projects sooooo… of course I found a few things.

BEHOLD! The ugly blanket holder thingy! That I scored for $5 or something like that.


It was just what Zoey needed…


Zoey has accumulated a bit of a dress up stash. Mostly shoes. If you know her… you’re not surprised. Ha! She’s quite the little sass. <3


BUT the “project” was super simple, looks cute, and consolidates the princess mess into a relatively compact area. yay!


All I did was remove one of the bars so that the dresses could hang on the top bar and painted it. Of course I considered painting it pink, aqua, or lavender, but I’m really trying not to go so overkill on the pink. Also, she’s almost in need of a big girl bed and room transformation so I didn’t want to commit prematurely to any color schemes. 😉



Hey, even the hearts are cute and girly. 🙂
I’ve been back to Goodwill since, and they had blanket rack things then too. Go get you one! 😀


Thanks for stopping!



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