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Hot Yellow Pants, Denim Shirt



Why hello again!

I am writing to you through squinted eyes, as I recover from my first migraine in a LONG time. I was convinced I had outgrown them for a while there…shucks. Hopefully today was a fluke, and I have in fact, outgrown them. 😉

Since I did not leave my bed until 2pm today (Thanks Hubby) I will reminisce on the cute outfit I wore yesterday. As today’s attire consists of tie-dye shorts and a t-shirt. ha!

Yesterday consisted of my first ever “staffing” (as they call them) for my first case with Guardian as Litem. You would think that business suits are the expected attire for these sorts of things, I know that I did, and then found myself slightly over dressed last week, as they take this “it’s Florida and it’s 100 degrees out” thing seriously.

So this time I opted for “Florida” which brought me to bright yellow pants… because all of my business clothes (left over from my brief time in the banking industry) is mostly just different shades of black. ;P





Yeah, I wore them again, SO?! 😉


I don’t know why I didn’t try out this “fashion blogging” thing long ago… I like clothes.



Oh, that’s why… because it’s like really hard to take pictures of yourself. Hence my lack of head.



Also, I think crotch shots should be a thing. No, seriously. You can’t tell me that it’s not an important area to consider when deciding if you like how pants or shorts fit? Right?! Fashion Bloggers of the internet… make crotch shots a thing. >_<



Yeah, I know it’s terrible photography, but its the whole body shot I got. Like I said…. really hard to photograph yourself. (I really need that cry laughing emoji right about now!)


Yeah, I’m still in love with those shoes. I might coordinate every outfit that I ever wear for the rest of my life around them. 😉


Shoes are from Kohls 
Shirt is from Target
Jeggings are from Walmart 



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