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The Maiden Voyage: Home Goods Haul & Instagram Giveaway!!!

Oh hey!
Soooo I went to Home Goods for the first time my life the other day….

Yes, I mean what I say. I had never been to Home Goods before. I didn’t even know we had any in the area, but I always hear about it on other blogs and social media, so when I heard there was one near my university… I knew I had to stop by! Sooooo….



But since I have renewed interest in decorating my house since we started to install our faux wood floors I thought I would share a little of my maiden voyage of  Home Goods with you. 😉 (You know you love the drama 😉)

For those of you who do not know… Home Goods is owned by TJ Maxx, and it essentially IS TJ Maxx, but only the home section. Also like TJ Maxx… sometimes it’s overpriced. Keep in mind I am a serial clearance shopper. I basically never pay full price for anything… like ever. And I like to think I’m actually quite good at it.

So my one and only Home Goods tip is: DO NOT fear the clearance section. All of my purchases were made from the disorganized glory that it the Clearance Section.



I feel that I wake up happier when my night stand is pretty. 🙂



Also, I have a new found love for globes. Even this weird little yellow one.





That lil’ guy up top used to live at HG too.



Adorable graphic canvas and robot guy for little man’s bedroom. His bed set is robot themed so…. #HadTo



And this old vintage looking clock because…. Do I really need to explain myself here??



Currently gracing my perpetually cluttered shelves.

The thing about the clearance aisle is that they don’t STYLE them like the rest of the store. So often times…you miss out on some good stuff! But I promise… clearance aisles are a little slice of retail heaven. ;P

AAAAAANNNNDDDDD the only thing better than great finds in the clearance aisle is getting things you love for free…

Like make up.

SO I’m super psyched to announce that me and 11 other bloggers got to together to offer you a chance to win a $120 Ulta Gift Card. Just check out my Instagram for the juicy details. It’d be super cool if one of MY readers won. Just sayin’ 😉


Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.25.29 PM

Yes, I’m forreal. I know. You’re welcome.

How about you?! Ever been to Home Goods?!


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