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Food Crush Friday: Hungarian Wax Peppers

Hey everyone!
Meet my new obsession….

The Hungarian Wax Pepper.



Why are peppers so pretty? Like… all of them.
The produce guy at my Publix told me that they’re classified as “medium hot.” But Josh thinks they’re like…set your mouth on fire hot…So I guess it just depends on your tolerance level. haha!

I first met Mr Hungarian Wax Pepper in Germany, oddly enough….
on this very pizza.



AAAAAAND I can no longer eat pizza without them. Or at least those little yellowish green peppers that Papa Johns puts in their pizza boxes? Does anyone know what those are called? YOU LET ME KNOW. But seriously… everything tastes better with one of these peppers on them.

Ive also been on a mission lately to “cook” more. The less premade junk meals in my family’s life…the better. Joshy is even on a yogurt kick. What is my life?

Soooo my pepper obsession got me to thinking…
what else can I do with these green little spicy veggies from heaven?

Well that’s obvious isn’t it? STUFF THEM.

They’re kind of long thin pepper…which might lead you to think that they aren’t ideal for stuffing. You’re wrong.




Slice the suckers in half long ways, and hollow them out. (I leave a couple seeds hanging around on purpose, they’re extra hot.)

Then I packed them with a little bit of cream cheese.

I browned some grass fed ground beef on the stove and stuffed a little into the cream cheese. (& why has no one ever told me how much better the grass fed kind is?!)



Then I dumped some mozzarella cheese on top…mostly hoping it would kind of form a melty cheesey forcefield of carb-less deliciousness that would hold the meat down.

…it did.
Throw them on a tin foiled pan and bake them at 350 for like 15-20 minutes. Don’t forget the anti stick stuff.


They basically became little poppers. And they were SO GOOD. I am convinced that you can make a Hungarian Wax Pepper any way, and it would still be awesome.

You make them… you tell me. But they’re spicy, be warned.

New bucket list item…Get a Hungarian Wax Pepper…in Hungary. Budapest anyone?? 😉


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