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Wood Flooring Progress

woodfloorupdateHey all.

You may or may not know…that last week we ripped out all of the carpet in our living room (thank god!) and started installing wood laminate floors! It is still a work in progress, but so far I am LOVING them!


The color is perfect! This is something I was worried about because I don’t like orangey brown wood. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find wood that wasn’t orangey and warm toned! We went for a barn wood sort of style called “Antique Hickory.” It has that rustic worn look to it… aaaaaaaand it’s cool toned!!! 😉 No orange wood up in hurr.



NOW if only I could get my husband to hurry up and finish! Putting the baseboards back on is going to be brutal. 🙁 So for right now we have lovely white stripes painted at the bottom where the baseboards should be, along with some holes from where they were nailed in. Ew.



I think I’m on to something here, people. Hot new trend alert…baseboard-less walls. -_-



Around the door is the worst! Seriously… I die a little inside.



I’ve also decided to save on decor by just leaving decorative baskets full of tools and such laying around as well. We’re real fancy, what can I say? 😉



ANYWAYS… I am so excited to have the carpet gone and am so ready to finish up the floors. SO ready.

My dog on the other hand… is having a hard time adjusting. He basically ice skates every time he gets excited. It’s hilarious and adorable at the same time.



The babes have to do some adjusting as well. Funny how walking on wood floors is profoundly difficult for a two year old who is used to having carpeting! haha!



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