Hello Munich.


Exploring Munich, Germany | Day 1 | MarienPlatz

MarienPlatz  has been Munich’s “main square” since  the Middle Ages, 1158 to be exact. Glockenspiels, ancient architecture, and luxury shopping.



Why yes, those are so many spiraling stairs that you can’t even see the bottom with the naked eye. Why yes, of course we climbed them all.



It’s pretty cold here, especially when you don’t have rows of tightly packed buildings to shield you from the wind.



My hot husband, who fits in extraordinarily well here. German men are TALL. Like, they make Josh look average. And most of them are slim and lanky like him too. I had never realized how German he looked before. All of the locals approach him and try to speak to him in German…because they assume he’s a native. ;P



I, on the other hand, look extraordinarily American, and touristy with my giant camera in hand 24/7, but I totally don’t even care. I don’t even mind the weather, as I’ll use any excuse to wear some of my boots. 😉

Now, the German language was originally very intimidating to me. I took four years of French, and then traveled to France, during high school.  Even so, German is easier to understand to me now, than French was then. SO many of the words are cognates with the English language that I can read most of the maps and signs. Phew. Then, their sentences are like… in the same order as ours? As opposed to Latin based languages where they put their adjectives in different places than we do and such. Also, mad props to the German people, because they literally ALL speak English anyways. They learn it in school. The U.S. should really invest more in their foreign language programs, that would be awesome.

My first impression of Germany (versus France, I suppose) is that it feels a lot like the U.S. I remember walking around France feeling like everything was strange and different. Munich really almost feels like it could be an American city! And the people that live here are very nice. They don’t get impatient with the language barrier when you ask for directions or order food. I think they were a little less accommodating of such things in France. Not to the point that it would EVER deter me from visiting Paris again…but it is almost striking how nice Germans are. 🙂




Also, that Ubahn system (subway)… is BOMB. You can literally go everywhere on that thing. I was originally terrified that it was going to be too confusing for me to get anywhere, but I am proud to say, that I have not been lost ONCE, despite all announcements, maps, and signs, being in German. SO YEAH, easy peasy lemon squeezy. WHY is NY the only city with a Subway?! They. are. awesome.

More later. xo.



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