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Christmas & New Years!

Happy 2015 my friends!

Is it just me or is it kind of crazy how fast time flies? I feel like the older I get, the faster it goes. Weird.

I’m sad that Christmas is over. December 26th is my least favorite day of the year. 🙁 Taking the Christmas tree down is WAY less fun than putting it UP. Although, I am excited to put my couches back where they belong. Ha!

Christmas was marvelous as usual though. We spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Josh’s. I started hosting Christmas Eve for my grandparents, because as they age, my Grandma is too tired for all of the cooking and my Grandpa doesn’t like to go anywhere but my mom’s house, my house, or home. LOL. So instead of spending Christmas at home, I force them over here. 😉

Also, everyone loves it when both the Grandmas get together… I mean how cute are they?!


{ My Grandpa loves the ladies. 😉 }

Then, there was New Years! Josh was actually off on New Years Day – for the first time since our pre-baby years. So yeah, a long time! So we got to go out and spend the night with some great company. 😉

2014 was a bit of a roller coaster for me. On the ascending side, after six years & two kids together – Josh & I finally got married. My wedding was gorgeous & everything I always wanted. My best friends moved down from Chicago and have been nothing but helping hands since they arrived. (Their momma raised them right, I’ve seriously never met two more selfless people.) I finished my first full time semester since having the kids, which make no mistake, (let me toot my own horn here) is no easy feat. I even passed all four of my classes, which puts me pretty close to senior status. Come oooooon Bachelor’s degree. #supermom

On the flip side, 2014 was pretty hard on my auto insurance principals, and my nose’s septum. But the shock of surviving a deadly car accident yields both; new shadows and emphasis the rays of sunshine you went without noticing before. Everyday now, I pray for two people I’ve never met and vehemently thank God that my two little people were without a scratch. It’s also always amazing to see how many people come to your aid when you really need it.

Therefore, in sunny retrospect, for me 2014 was a time for friends. Obviously weddings always bring out the mushy gushy in people, but so does having a job, two kids, and no working cars. My job would let my coworkers/friends leave to come and pick me up and bring me to work. Friends drove me around to purchase new car seats, called on their own personal favors to help me find new car insurance when mine dropped us, and helped in any way they could. Josh’s friends gave him countless rides to work and his mom lets him ride her harley when he doesn’t have a ride.

And even though I have a lovely new car, it’s just really one of those things that “shows you who your friends are.” And I’m glad I have so many.

The start of the new year seems to be the day of choice for people to make big new promises to themselves, usually something along the lines of losing weight. I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions but this year I might try. I think I’ll try to be more forgiving. I am naturally a fighter not a lover, a grudge holder, an elephant never forgets or lets go-er. I can’t help it. But I shall try.

And I hope in 2015 that you can make resolutions that reach deeper than your appearance, and that it brings you nothin’ but the good stuff!



Also, don’t forget to check out my friend The Veronica Blog and our 12 Posts of Christmas series (in which she carried most of the weight. 😉


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