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The 12 Posts of Christmas #3 : DIY Door Wreath

If you read my last post… you know that the The Veronica Blog and I have dedicated ourselves to 6 posts each – full of Christmas crafts, DIY, tips, recipes, and wherever else Pinterest may send us. 😉

I like easy crafts. Usually. Because I typically indulge myself in craft time between scoops of macaroni and nap time or mountains of homework.

Jace doesn’t nap too often these days… so I find it easier for me if I make him “help.” 😉

Bought those cute lil’ guys at the Dollar Store for 2 bucks.


Bought this lil’ guy at Goodwill. Because… where else do people buy junk for crafts?! haha!

All this craft requires is a hot glue gun and a command hook. 😀


Now, I haven’t really decided if I like it here or not… I didn’t take into account the fact that I have a French door. Squares on squares on squares. lol! But for some $4 wall decor… not too shabby. 😛

Jace likes it. 🙂 Although, he’s pretty psyched about ALL of the Christmas decorations. If you ask him what he wants from Santa… he says “more decorations.” hahaha!


Both babes are lovin’ the weather we’ve been having too. I love it… because baby hoodies are A-DOR-ABLE. Adorable. You know it’s true.


I love that Zoey is in that cool phase when everything around her is magical. The world is an adventure from the dirt to the sky. {throwing dirt is awesome too, in case you didn’t know…} 😉 I think my next little project will be one can the kids can REALLY help with. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out… sometimes she’s craftier than I. 😉




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