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A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Do you ever just look through a days worth of pictures… and totally fall in love with your life?

These pictures do that to me.

I survived midterms week this past week, and “survived” is exactly the correct term. By Friday night I approached Publix for a bottle of wine… then I remembered that I don’t drink wine and went and got a bottle of tequila instead. Yes, it was that bad.

BUT I’m pretty sure I passed everything. Super thumbs up for me!

We celebrated with a family trip to Hunsader Farms. It wasn’t even that staggeringly hot out. Thumbs up again.

I seriously have gorgeous babies.

And in this picture here… I finally prove the Theory of Evolution by looking just like my ape ancestors.

We brought Jace’s “Wolfy” with us too.  I’m pretty sure he loves her more than me. 😉 Oh, and I love her like a SisterDaughterFriend. Yes, that’s a thing.

My son MUST reek havoc everywhere he goes. He is pictured here sprinting across the pumpkins. Like I said before… evolution. 😛

But those baby blues… he knows they cut right through me, and that he could get away with anything.

And let’s not even pretend that this isn’t hilarious. Her face… she was totally fine people. She was tired of mom’s forced photo ops.

See…fine. 😉

I would like to make note of the triumphant feeling I felt about the fact that this headband stayed on for so long. #momscore

My GAWD. My heart sings, my friends. It sings. <3

I was made for this mommy life. I just know it.

Have I mentioned before what a sucker I am for a man with a baby?
My kids are flawless, my husband is hot, what more could a girl ask for? 😉


I hope you’re all having as wonderful a time with Fall as I am! <3 Also, you should all probably leave me more comments. If I didn’t have WordPress to let me know that I actually DO have readers… I would never know it. 😉



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