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A Love Letter For My Hubby

Hello again,
Why yes, I am writing two days in a row. I am trying out this #write31days challenge that has been going around. So bear with me while I clog up your social media for a few weeks…

Soooo I write a lot about my kids over here on a my lil ol’ blog. And I think it’s obvious why… I mean, have you seen them? But I might be doing the world a disservice by not bragging about my husband enough. I mean… shall we talk for a minute about the man who gave me my beautiful children?

Josh & I are high school sweet hearts. We’ve been together for almost 7 years. I mean, I think that’s kind of impressive. 🙂 And like… you know that feeling when you feel like you’re forgetting something? I always have it… ask anyone who knows me well – I lose my phone, my keys, my shoes, I am one scatter brained mother. And I am terrible at finding things. But Josh, well, he always finds them for me. I guess that’s a weird thing to say…but I know I will never become lost beside him.

He’s kind of become like my right arm. Or maybe my left, as he is left handed. Which is only further evidence that he is my other half, right? 😉 He never makes me feel weird. You know, how sometimes you say something, or do something, and everyone looks at you like you’re kind of a freak (we both know that you know what I’m talking about…) Yeah, Josh never gives me that look. If I’m having a moment, and dancing hard to the beat of my own drum (which is often…) Josh somehow finds it in himself to dance along with me.

I am bossy, and feisty, and sometimes downright bitchy… & he lets me. I am a person who feels things deeply. When I am happy I’m bouncing, and when I am mad I can set fire to people’s dreams. I can’t help it… it’s a curse and a blessing all at the same time. But Josh has become masterful at taming the bull that sometimes controls me, all while tricking me into thinking that I did it by myself.

He spoils me rotten. And we’re sort of past the point in our relationship where “spoiling” me means buying me lots of crap. He busts his ass at his job so that I don’t have to work full time and still spends 30+ hours a week alone with the babies. If I don’t work, I’m at school, and while that is a lot of work for me… it kind of ends up being a lot of work for him too. But he doesn’t complain (too much 😉 )

It can be hard to find somebody to grow up with, and love them the whole while through. It can be scary, to stand at someone’s side knowing that you could never leave, to know that your souls have become so entangled that they basically exists as one.

Our life can be a big ol’ basket of crazy sometimes. But it is a walk I wouldn’t want to take with anyone else. Some days it is a walk paved with loads of dirty laundry and PB&J crumbs through a forest of dog hair on the longest day of the year…but you’ve got your left hand and I’ve got my right and what else does anyone really need?



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