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It’s Fall Again!!

I know I may have mentioned a few times already… that I LOVE fall. I love Illinois fall most, but Florida fall has done okay for me for the last decade or so… so I guess I’ll work with what I’ve got. 😉 If it could just hurry up and cool off now, that would be great! I am totally itching to leave my windows and sliders open in the evenings and burn some apple pumpkin candles. HEAVEN. AAAAAAA I am seriously a sucker for candles. And lanterns apparently. My love for them has progressed from bathroom shelf decoration, to wedding center pieces, to…. everywhere. I bought that lil’ owly guy at Traget… from the 3 dolla bin! Score! I’ve also replaced my flowers with fake leaves. Because this far south… the only orange leaves come from the store. Sad face. BUT they’re adorable none the less. 🙂 fallchalkboard And fall brings Winter, that brings Christmas… and Ahhhhh, the last 3 months of the year are totally the best ones. The first 9 are basically spent counting down to the last 3. You know it. AND my babies’ birthdays are in the Fall! We decided to celebrate them together this year… thus I had to find a gender neutral theme. Harder than it sounds. I’m going Peter Pan. Zoey is REALLY into her Tinkerbell these days, so this way we can incorporate that. Also, never growing up seems like a relevant theme at my boy’s FOURTH birthday, and my wittle baby’s SECOND. :'( DPP_10001 DPP_0025 ANYWHO. Along with the coming of Fall iiiiiiis Jace’s first EVER season of soccer. Like, I have a child old enough to play a sport. What is my life? The first “game” went great. He was surprisingly enthusiastic and playful, AND they managed to keep his attention for the ENTIRE 45 minutes. This is a feat for a group of 3 year olds people, you know it. jacesoccer THEN yesterday… the real Jace showed up. Friends, Jace is one feisty motha. There is just no other way to put it. He knows what he wants, and what he doesn’t, and god forbid you need to go head to head with him on the matter. And I promise, this is no testament to my parenting style, I am no pushover. Because I too, am bossy, hardheaded, and stubborn. Aaaaaaand every little bit of it was reincarnated into my little fireball Jace. I’m scared for the teenage years, pray for us. 😉 Anyways, he was much less interested yesterday. He whined and cried and refused to fully participate. The field was flooded, he was wet. Waaaa waaa waaaaa. Zoey thoroughly enjoyed the flooded field I might add. She basically swam in filthy mud puddles the entire time. Her hot pink nikes may not live to tell the tale. Oh well, if trends continue, they only would have fit her for another 4 months or so… haha! How about you? Are you a PSYCHED about fall as I am?!!!


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