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Daycare Panic

Hey again! Offtoschool I am writing to you today in sheer panic…. my kids are starting school/daycare tomorrow and I kind of want to throw up! I’ve been fortunate enough to never have had to enroll my kids in daycare or have people besides close friends and family watch them all these years. I’ve also never been away from them in the day time. O_O

Josh tells me I at least have to try it out… I’m half expecting to change my mind when we arrive tomorrow morning. But Jace is just SO freaking excited about it… I think it would break his heart. He would be starting REAL Pre-K this year but this fall baby missed the cutoff by a month or so… so he’ll have to another year for the real deal. I’m not sad. 😉

I mean… I’m kind of excited… I think it will be really good for Jace. Little Miss Zoey on the other hand… is MY baby girl and I am not so keen on the idea of separating from her on the daily. My crazy-mom mind just can’t seem to justify leaving her with someone who won’t appreciate those chunky thighs like I do. Josh has assured me that there isn’t a woman on the planet that wouldn’t appreciate those thigh rolls. 😛

I had originally intended to only send them a couple days a week while I have school. BUT somehow I ended up talked into the seriousness that is full time daycare and now I get to work during the DAY TIME during the week, like a real person! 😛 And maybe I’ll even get to see my husband more than 2x a month when our days off happen to overlap??? Oh Em Gee.

So of course my initial response to turning my entire world upside down by venturing the wild unknown of motherhood and daycare was to…. buy stuff. Because if the Rinehart babies are going to daycare… they’re going with some cool accessories. 😉

They are so psyched about their lunch boxes. 🙂 It’s kinda all Jace wants to talk about… I mean… it lights up people. What more could you want out of a lunch box? Not gonna lie… I’m kinda excited to pack their lunches too. Maybe I’m weird? But I get excited about these mom things. haha. I also bought these sweet Rubbermaid containers! They’re called “Lunch Blox,” and rightfully so. Let’s be real, I was mostly drawn to the adorable packaging (I’m a sucker for good marketing.) BUT upon opening them… they are WAY cooler than I even knew. They all snap together HOWEVER your snappy self feels like snapping them that day! WHAAA?! lunchbloxlunchblox1 AND they came with a hard little icepack, ALSO snap-able. Seriously… it’s going to be like playing legos every morning. Sah-weet. Speaking of “snapping” I finally got on this SnapChat biznass sooooo get at me on there with your snappy selves. @ffromJtoZ (also my twitter handle because apparently I’m not as original as I think I am and my name is always taken. Sad Face. )

Zoey will be rocking’ this sweet little number tomorrow… at least they’ll have somewhere to wear all the fancy clothes I buy them now, right? lol


Seriously though… I am so terrified to send them off to a daycare. I almost don’t even like the word daycare. It’s kind of one of those things I swore I would never do… which makes it that much harder. Can the mommas of the world with some daycare experience PLEASE tell me that it isn’t the most awful thing in the world!?!!


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