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The Hard Stuff



My son is three….

“My son is three, my son is three, my son is three…” Don’t mind me while I remind myself of this twenty zillion times today.

Just call me “Mean Mommy,” because somewhere between time outs 3 and 4 (just since breakfast) that’s what Jace has dubbed me. In my defense he did walk into my bedroom at 8 am, pull his pants down and pee on my floor. Only for me to send him into my bathroom to find that he had unrolled and entire roll of toilet paper into my now very clogged toilet…


On this trying day, I can’t help but recall a conversation that I had last week, with two guys I hadn’t seen since high school. “I want kids…” he said, “but I just want someone else to take care of them until they’re like four.” He was joking lovingly, of course but his point still remains mind boggling to me. The fact that he assumes infants and toddlers to be LESS difficult than older children.

I swear Jace gets harder as he ages. I’d take the few sleepless nights that accompany a newborn ANYTIME over days on end of timeouts and the I’m-almost-4-years-old-attitude. At least as a newborn, it was an accident when he peed on me. Ha!


I mean, how many times can one say “DON’T climb on the furniture!” before their head just explodes? I shall sacrifice myself to this scientific question and let you all know…

To me there is something so much harder about teaching another human being about how to act appropriately and where. Or trying to make him understand that it’s acceptable for me to tell him “no” but not the other way around. And that there are some places that your pants. must. stay. ON. THAT’S the hard stuff.

Anyone who knows my kids… knows that they are often half naked. Pants can be a losing battle around here.

Eh, you win some, you lose some.


Also,  do you know how hard it is to use time out as a punishment when Little Sister thinks the Time Out Corner is the best party spot in town?! Also, hard to explain that “it’s not okay to push your little sister” when Sister doesn’t seem to care, now does she?

Oh well, such is life. The greatest thing about most of “the hard days” is that it’s usually nothing some time on the swing set and a nap won’t cure. 🙂

In other news, we squeezed in a family day at the beach yesterday! Something we should really do more often. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVED it & the Hub got sunburnt as per the usual. {He refuses to wear sunscreen.} Men.


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