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Disney World & Mommy Tan Lines


What this photo looks like is a cute photo of me carrying my exhausted son out of Disney’s Magic Kingdom at midnight. Which is all true. But what you don’t know about this picture… is that we were both soaked in his pee. And he was crying. And since my ENTIRE right pant leg was drenched as we made the million mile long trek to the ferry boat, and then through the parking lot to the car, I wanted to start crying too. LOL.
Also, I’m a girl who can get a nice tan going… but something about two kids lathered in SPF 50 and then touching me all over… makes for some interesting tan lines, and wearing flip flops at Disney for three days. Yeah… I’m rocking some Mommy tan lines pretty hard these days.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…(& if you don’t, you should ;)) you might have seen that we recently took a weekend trip to Orlando to see the MouseMaster himself. It was Zoey’s first time and Jace’s third or fourth. Although, probably the first time he really understood.  Hubs and I brought along reinforcements, it was also my BFF Kayla’s first time to Disney as well! And we even talked EJ into tagging along… even though he doesn’t even like Disney World. Crazy… I know. 😉

We did the Three Day Three Park Florida Resident tickets. We started off in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

We were all first timers to this park… and if I’m being real, we were all kind of disappointed with it. It lacks the “Disney” atmosphere of the other parks. Also, the name suggests something of a zoo so that’s what we were all expecting. Even something along the lines of Busch Garden’s minor zoo aspect would have sufficed, but the whole emphasis on “animal” in the title is misleading.
In any case, Expedition Everest (the park’s main attraction) was a unique and awesome coaster. There is a “Bug’s Life” show based on the old Disney and Pixar film that sounded like a great idea when passing the sign… but features GIANT realistic spiders dropping out of the ceiling that TERRIFIED both of my kids. And about half the other kids in the room. They both cowered in my lap like they wanted to disappear back into the womb – and peeps, I think I would have let them. 0_0 All in all, not an Animal Kingdom fan. Even as an adult — pretty  boring.

SO on to more exciting things!

Day 2 of our vacation was spent at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. WHICH I LOVE. I have been there a gazillion and one times and I still can’t get enough. I would seriously live there. And I was surprised by the entirely new edition they’ve made to the park. (I know — I must live under some type of rock to not have been aware of this highly anticipated park edition.) But it is AWESOME. There is a circus themed location based on Dumbo dedicated to young kids type rides – and a little fountain play area that features a train that sprays water. Jace was delighted by train… not so much getting sprayed with water. haha – I enjoyed watching him get sprayed every time he tried to make it to the train though. 😉

Also, the Little Mermaid ride… BOMB. I love that they revamped the park and still included all of the classics. I mean… move over Queen Elsa… Princess Ariel has still got it. 😉

ALSO! Extra points to Disney for having a Starbucks right down Main Street. Something about a magical theme park geared towards young kids just screams “AND WE’VE GOT CAFFEINE FOR MOM!” to me… am I right? 😉 AND YES they do have special Disney Starbuck’s cups. Yes, we carried around our messy empty cups all day in an attempt to keepsake them. Don’t judge us.
PLUS they took one look at my husband Josh… and wrote José on his cup. I mean… could a cup a joe get any better?!


Day three was Hollywood Studios.

Where we lost… and then found “Mare the Bear (Zoey’s pride and joy)” and played in hats. 🙂

A nice stranger took this photo for us one day. Sometimes you just need photographic evidence of how wonderful your life is. And mine… well, I have friends that I’d call family and family that are still my friends all rolled into one big ol’ life that is just amazeballs. 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, we all fight, we’re all broke, none of us are where we thought we would be in life, and my kids pee on me sometimes… but I know that all of that isn’t what really matters in this life.


Kayla took this picture and said it was a dead on representation of my life. No one is ready for the picture but me. And I can’t help but agree. Sometimes I feel like my whole world is spinning so fast and I’m the only one who is standing still. Other times my family can drive me crazy because I am the only one who is looking forward. But it’s a wonderful thing that I have them to always remind me that forward isn’t always the direction that matters, but more what is happening in all the other directions, right now.


PS. Sharing is caring, my friends. 🙂


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