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Mr. & Mrs. Rinehart

Our wedding day was Friday, March 14th 2014. It was a gorgeous sunny day – in spite of all my previous certainties that it was going to rain. It wasn’t too hot, like Florida can be, but it wasn’t too cold, like Florida had been getting all year. All of my closest friends found their way to me on this long overdue day.

Everything was beautiful.

I had both my father and my grandfather walk me down the aisle. This made bouquet holding a little more awkward than traditionally, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We wrote our own vows, which were terrifying to recite in front of everyone, but looking back I’m glad we did them that way too. Kayla’s mom actually bet me that Josh would bring people to tears with his… she was right. _DSC2574 _DSC2860

_DSC2881 _DSC2887_DSC2885

_DSC2934 BW   _DSC2952     Then we took ALOT of photos…   _DSC3228 BW

_DSC3209   _DSC3207 BW I have said many times that I am truly so so SO lucky. My bridesmaids were made up of my two oldest friends, Kia and Kayla, and my sister and now sister-in-love (yes,love.) Most people are lucky to keep social media relationships alive with their pre-elementary school friends, at best. I can honestly say that I have never had two better friends or more influential forces in my life. What can I say? I play for keeps. Also, my little sister represents a huge part of who I am – a bossy, controlling, over-protective, big sister to the core. And Jessi of course, is only one member of the family I married in to that I absolutely love. I tease Josh all the time by saying that I only married him for the pretty last name and the other awesome people who bear it.  😉

And the groomsmen; Josh’s oldest friend Eric, his cousin Chris (and blog/tech guru, heyyy,) his friend Dan, and his father Billy.

We danced… _DSC3122 _DSC3090 _DSC3100 BW   There were beautiful toasts from our friends and family. We tossed bouquets and garters, shoved cake in each others faces, and danced with our parents.

And the party raged on. There may have been some really classy keg stands. I blame peer pressure. 😉

It was the type of wedding you always dream of, and the kind worth waiting six years for. _DSC3065   Photos by Laina Hopkins Photography Hair by Rachael Cameron and Ciara Freitas  Makeup by Jessica Tackett


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