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Two Years & Ten Days.

Please note, that I am writing this between a Philosophy paper, studying for a World Religions quiz, starting to file my taxes, & finishing off the last of my wedding invitations… oh yeah, & my microwave broke last night. Honestly, this is more for my sanity than your entertainment. 😉 Because if I have to identify between ACTUAL Socrates & Plato’s character of Socrates one more time in the next ten minutes, while contemplating how to make easy-mac in the oven, I might just die. How pious of me. Or is it impious? I don’t think anyone really knows. 😛

Ok, so here I am to think happy thoughts for a few… amiss the chaos in my very tired, yet over-caffeinated brain.


I took this photo during bath time last night. Since I work nights I am only home for bath time 2 nights a week… which sounds sad {& sometimes it is} but in all fairness I do get to stay home with them all day. Then Daddy gets to stay with them all night. And Mommy & Daddy get to see each other for an hour or so in-between if we’re lucky. Hey, it’s not a perfect system, but it works. Wait, happy thoughts!… There was a time that I was absolutely terrified of having 2 children. Especially 2 so close in age {2 years & 10 days.} But as it turns out, I prefer it this way. Jace & Zoey fight just like a brother and sister are expected to… but at the same time… they are the best of friends. I really believe that.


As a boy mom as deeply in love with Jace as I was {am?}, there was always a part of me that was scared that having Zoey would only limit him. Limit my time with him, limit Josh’s time with him, take away from the funds we had available to spoil him, & a million other silly things. But I realize now that his relationship with Zoey has given him more than an uninterrupted relationship with his parents or money ever could have. So now looking back, I realize that all of my worries were only that… worries.

On another note, my wedding is in less than 50 days. & I often find myself wondering why I didn’t give myself longer to plan… {because a 3 year engagement is OBVIOUSLY not enough time to plan a wedding 😉 } Eh, I suppose it’s not really time that I need either… more like… WHY ON EARTH is anything wedding related so friggin expensive?! Like, seriously I could never afford to have one if I didn’t have as many “hook-ups” as I do. I’m almost considering making a “Sponsor’s” board at the reception; “Mr & Mrs Rinehart are proudly brought to you byyyyy…” 😛 

Ahhhh well… maybe I’ll be glad when it’s all over… I mean accidentally rushing into having my second baby worked out so well… 😉

& since we’re on the topic of worrying… I was at first, very concerned that it wold be too HOT on the day of my wedding. Only to now be worried that it will be too cold. I mean, I was absolutely convinced that there would be a terrible heat wave, global warming would be confirmed, & I would be doomed to photos of my make up melting off the day of my wedding. But with this winter {it’s actually almost like a real winter} we’ve been having… I might have to incorporate some kind of fire into the reception decor. Ha. My Illinois peeps won’t be the ones complaining… but the Floridians might just opt to stay home.

Not complaining about this weather though… I think that baby hoodies & hats are the cutest things… like EVER.


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